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26 Individuals with the ILTISS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ILTISS, Anna Maria
ILTISS, Anne Marie20 FEB 178123 JAN 1835
ILTISS, Catherina
ILTISS, Catherine23 JAN 178012 OCT 1840
ILTISS, Catherine09 AUG 174606 MAR 1819
ILTISS, Catherine
ILTISS, Gertrude
ILTISS, Johann02 APR 1665
ILTISS, Johann
ILTISS, Maria02 AUG 1663
ILTISS, Maria18 MAY 172110 JAN 1757
ILTISS, Martin28 SEP 1625
ILTISS, Martin09 FEB 169227 AUG 1765
ILTISS, Martin30 NOV 1589BEF .. 1652
ILTISS, Mathias01 NOV 1701
ILTISS, Mathias24 JUL 175002 APR 1818
ILTISS, Matthias
ILTISS, Matthias ou Martin
ILTISS, Nicolas
ILTISS, Salome30 JAN 174319 JUN 1794
ILTISS, SalomeaBEF .. 1801
ILTISS, Susanne26 JUN 171824 MAR 1785
ILTISS, Theobald.. 172011 MAY 1802

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