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30 Individuals with the IDLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
IDLE, Alice1631
IDLE, Ann7 Dec 1729
IDLE, Ann26 Sep 1668
IDLE, Ann25 Jan 169216 Jan 1693
IDLE, Barbara9 JUN 1950
IDLE, Elizabeth23 Oct 1665
IDLE, Henry20APR) (BAP 163306AUG) (BUR 1689
IDLE, Henry28 Aug 16868 Mar 1690
IDLE, Isabel1627
IDLE, Jane7 Jan 1708
IDLE, Joan2 Jul 1672
IDLE, John25 Dec 1722
IDLE, John20 Jan 1689
IDLE, Joseph1 Jan 1732
IDLE, Judith1628
IDLE, Lawrence
IDLE, Margaret16 Mar 1676
IDLE, Margaret29 Mar 1720
IDLE, Mary26 Jun 17115 Jun 1721
IDLE, Mary166119 Aug 1718
IDLE, Mary8 Feb 1690
IDLE, Mrs. HenryABT 1635
IDLE, Peter8 Dec 171915 Dec 1719
IDLE, Richard8 Jan 171626 May 1730
IDLE, Robert17 Feb 17257 Oct 1729
IDLE, William168522 Oct 1760
IDLE, William170512 Jan 1771
IDLE, William6 Mar 166313 Apr 1692/1693
IDLE, WilliamABT 1600
IDLE, William1624

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