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49 Individuals with the IDEN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
IDEN, (Mary) Ellen10 AUG 1848
IDEN, Albion29 AUG 17936 OCT 1806
IDEN, Alice H.28 JUL 185227 MAY 1856
IDEN, Anna27 SEP 1782
IDEN, Bernice
IDEN, Bernice
IDEN, Beulah Green16 JAN 18427 JUN 1929
IDEN, Charles Parry25 MAR 1818
IDEN, Charles S.14 MAY 18544 NOV 1887
IDEN, ChesterABT. 1885
IDEN, Courtney Loraine19891989
IDEN, Delmar T.
IDEN, Dorothy Katherine16 DEC 191216 JAN 1929
IDEN, Eleanor F.25 NOV 181520 APR 1886
IDEN, ElizabethABT 1931
IDEN, ElizabethABT 1931
IDEN, Elizabeth29 FEB 178420 JAN 1824
IDEN, Elizabeth9 FEB 1818
IDEN, George182018 JAN 1897
IDEN, George
IDEN, GeorgeSEP 1800
IDEN, George W.12 MAY 184511 SEP 1860
IDEN, Greenfield6 JUL 1789
IDEN, Hannah19 JAN 1815
IDEN, Jacob26 JUN 1798
IDEN, James Chapman15 JAN 181316 NOV 1887
IDEN, Jane24 OCT 17859 JAN 1869
IDEN, Jesse23 OCT 178210 OCT 1857
IDEN, John
IDEN, John17734 APR 1779
IDEN, John16 JUN 178710 OCT 1857
IDEN, Julia25 AUG 1794
IDEN, Margaret1 SEP 17744 APR 1839
IDEN, Margaret30 NOV 1581
IDEN, Mary Catherine17 JAN 18441923
IDEN, Mary Catherine17 JAN 18441923
IDEN, Nellie Elizabeth
IDEN, Nicholas Gene19921992
IDEN, Paulina5 MAY 1792
IDEN, Randall4 JAN 173616 MAY 1812
IDEN, Ronald
IDEN, Ryan Douglas1986
IDEN, Samuel2 FEB 177928 APR 1848
IDEN, Sarah26 OCT 1789
IDEN, Susanna8 DEC 17912 DEC 1860
IDEN, Thomas25 JUL 1785
IDEN, Thomas G.24 NOV 18479 JUN 1874
IDEN, Thomas Green28 DEC 18166 JUN 1878
IDEN, William7 OCT 1820

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