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123 Individuals with the ICE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ICE, Abraham1829
ICE, Abraham
ICE, Abraham25 Nov 1765
ICE, Abraham ("Lame Abe")
ICE, Albert Jackson
ICE, Allena
ICE, Almira B7 Jan 186216 Dec 1902
ICE, Andrew
ICE, Andrew18341915
ICE, AndrewABT. 1825
ICE, Andrew22 Feb 18061 Feb 1883
ICE, Andrew , Jr.
ICE, Andrew , Sr.16 Oct 1757
ICE, Andrew J.ABT. 1845
ICE, Ann
ICE, Ann Missouri
ICE, Arvil Ross14 MAR 19021981
ICE, Bennonia
ICE, CarrieABT. 1901
ICE, Cassenia Herschel24 Oct 185420 Mar 1920
ICE, Catherine6 FEB 18219 APR 1903
ICE, Christena1734
ICE, Collin LeePrivate
ICE, Cyrena
ICE, David Adam
ICE, David Adam5 Sep 1767
ICE, Duline
ICE, Effie
ICE, Elias Clark15 Jan 18801 Jan 1940
ICE, Elizabeth
ICE, Elizabeth1819
ICE, Elizabeth
ICE, Elizabeth Adaline
ICE, Elizabeth Ann1851Jun 1873
ICE, Elminah
ICE, Elmira26 JUL 18577 SEP 1890
ICE, Elzena12 JUL 185513 APR 1906
ICE, Emeline
ICE, Eve1783
ICE, Fanny
ICE, Fedrick , Sr.
ICE, Frances Emmaline ("Fannie")
ICE, Frederich
ICE, Frederick , Jr.9 Jul 1762
ICE, George1767
ICE, George13 OCT 1823
ICE, Hayden Bayles1803
ICE, Isaac17901 DEC 1860
ICE, Isaac
ICE, Isaac1814
ICE, Isaac18531934
ICE, James1824
ICE, James11 Oct 187127 Feb 1953
ICE, James Emmett16 Jul 1884Aug 1949
ICE, James L.
ICE, Jesse4 Feb 18274 Jun 1903
ICE, Jesse
ICE, John1776
ICE, John
ICE, John
ICE, John Robert17281786
ICE, Kenny
ICE, Louisianna1831
ICE, Lucy
ICE, Luster Garfield16 Feb 18821942
ICE, Magdalene16 Feb 1760
ICE, Mahlon1859
ICE, Margaret
ICE, Margaret
ICE, Marguerite ("Mary")
ICE, Mary182420 APR 1888
ICE, Mary
ICE, Mary
ICE, Mary
ICE, Mary
ICE, Mary18561943
ICE, Mary
ICE, Mary Jane
ICE, Mary W.1819
ICE, Moses1832
ICE, Nana Bee13 Sep 18867 Jan 1948
ICE, Nancy C.
ICE, Nancy J.
ICE, Nevin Porter
ICE, Orpha
ICE, Orpha
ICE, Perdella
ICE, Permelia
ICE, Phebe
ICE, PhoebeABT. 1825
ICE, Rachel Lurana
ICE, Rosanna
ICE, Rosie15 Jun 186531 Aug 1894
ICE, Roy HershelPrivate
ICE, Roy LeePrivate
ICE, Rusina
ICE, Ruth
ICE, Ruth18111894
ICE, Sally
ICE, Samantha
ICE, Sarah
ICE, Sarah1808
ICE, Sarah
ICE, SarahABT. 1849
ICE, Sarah ("Sally")
ICE, SarildaABT. 1850
ICE, Susannah ("Sarah")
ICE, Tacy
ICE, Thomas
ICE, Thomas18081896
ICE, THOMAS F15 DEC 18895 JUL 1955
ICE, Uriah11 MAY 183114 MAR 1913
ICE, Uriah1812
ICE, Vizina
ICE, William Galloway1 APR 1730FEB 1826
ICE, William Galloway
ICE, William Joseph7 SEP 181821 NOV 1918
ICE, Willie F18677 Oct 1887

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