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16 Individuals with the HJORTH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HJORTH, Abel Cathrine
HJORTH, Alfhild19 Dec 1901UNKNOWN
HJORTH, August Adrainus4 MAR 184713 JUN 1935
HJORTH, Barbara Christine
HJORTH, Barbara Christine
HJORTH, Bertha CathrineABT. 1870UNKNOWN
HJORTH, Christine MarieABT. 1864UNKNOWN
HJORTH, Edith Kathrine Magrethe9 Aug 1895UNKNOWN
HJORTH, Herman AndreasABT. 1866UNKNOWN
HJORTH, Laura AgnetheABT. 1868UNKNOWN
HJORTH, Lauritz Adolph18341912
HJORTH, Morten JensenABT. 17321765
HJORTH, Peder PoulsenABT. 1753UNKNOWN
HJORTH, Ragnhild Hansine27 Mar 1893UNKNOWN
HJORTH, Rosinius20 Feb 186424 Dec 1934

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