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2571 Individuals with the HENRY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HENRY, "Mary" Frances
HENRY, (Infant twin)ABT 1860ABT 1860
HENRY, (Infant twin)ABT 1860ABT 1860
HENRY, A. Louise14 FEB 189614 MAY 1923
HENRY, AaronABT. 1768
HENRY, Aaron
HENRY, Abra. J.
HENRY, Abraham
HENRY, Abraham
HENRY, Abraham21 APR 176711 JAN 1833
HENRY, Abraham
HENRY, AbrahamBef Dec 1870
HENRY, Abraham
HENRY, Accie Galbert29 JAN 191316 AUG 1984
HENRY, Accie Galbert29 JAN 191316 AUG 1984
HENRY, Ada J.9 JUL 18743 JUL 1894
HENRY, Ada Sophiaduring 19036 Feb 1986
HENRY, AdalineAbt 1799
HENRY, Adam4 MAR 1980
HENRY, Adam4 MAR 1980
HENRY, Adam B.18 Oct 1881
HENRY, Adam M.circa 190719 Feb 1997
HENRY, Adelaide Agnes19001956
HENRY, Adelaide Julie27-12-1847
HENRY, Agnes
HENRY, Agnes23 Feb 1896Aug 1968
HENRY, Agnes Catherine1924
HENRY, Agnes Minerva26 Nov 187514 Jun 1878
HENRY, AgustaABT 1865
HENRY, Aileen
HENRY, Albert
HENRY, Albert Andrew24 APR 184917 MAY 1933
HENRY, Albert G.19262 Apr 1959
HENRY, Albert Leslie15 JUL 18863 OCT 1969
HENRY, Alberta M.1917
HENRY, AleckWFT Est 1831-1870WFT Est 1840-1947
HENRY, Alex B.23 SEP 1998
HENRY, Alex B.23 SEP 1998
HENRY, Alexander
HENRY, Alexander1825
HENRY, Alexander Spotswood
HENRY, Alexis1812WFT Est. 1854-1903
HENRY, Alfred M.4 SEP 19011968
HENRY, Alice
HENRY, Alice
HENRY, Alice Agnes15 AUG 1894WFT Est 1930-1989
HENRY, Alice Ann7 DEC 1942
HENRY, Alice Edithabout 19218 Jun 2004
HENRY, Alice June18 JUL 1941
HENRY, Alice Violet7 JUL 190425 MAR 1998
HENRY, Alice Violet7 JUL 190425 MAR 1998
HENRY, Allen
HENRY, Alma Viola13 OCT 18628 FEB 1956
HENRY, Almira Theodosia24 OCT 187020 FEB 1888
HENRY, Almont14 NOV 19093 FEB 1998
HENRY, Alpheus
HENRY, Alphonsine10 Aug 1851WFT Est. 1882-1945
HENRY, Alta Elizabeth11 MAR 1942
HENRY, Althea Lorene
HENRY, AlvernonABT 1953
HENRY, AlvernonABT 1953
HENRY, Alvin Eugene21 JUL 1913
HENRY, Alvin Lee
HENRY, Amanda
HENRY, Amanda22 Aug 18252 Aug 1900
HENRY, Amanda Jo23 Dec 1995
HENRY, Amanda Jo23 Dec 1995
HENRY, Amanda M.9 Jul 18674 Feb 1953
HENRY, Amber Nicole4 AUG 1983
HENRY, Amelia1898
HENRY, AmeliaJul 1884
HENRY, Amy Joy22 MAR 1968
HENRY, Ananias Guy16 JUL 190930 NOV 1990
HENRY, AnastasieABT 1740
HENRY, Andalusia1813
HENRY, Andalusia1813
HENRY, Andreas1811
HENRY, Andrew14 AUG 1784
HENRY, Andrew20 AUG 18176 JAN 1900
HENRY, Andrew
HENRY, Andrew10 OCT 18537 FEB 1874
HENRY, Andrew
HENRY, Andrew17 DEC 183015 AUG 1853
HENRY, Andrew14 DEC 18057 OCT 1882
HENRY, Andrew15 NOV 176221 JUN 1841
HENRY, Andrew
HENRY, Andrew A.
HENRY, Andrew Blair7 SEP 18941 DEC 1942
HENRY, Andrew Boyd19 NOV 1850UNKNOWN
HENRY, Andrew P.
HENRY, Andrew Thomas28 JUN 18701953
HENRY, Angela
HENRY, Angelina3 AUG 1843
HENRY, Angelique-FrancoiseWFT Est. 1752-1774WFT Est. 1795-1863
HENRY, Ann2 JUL 1825
HENRY, AnnBef 1781
HENRY, Ann7 JAN 1937
HENRY, Ann1735/1736
HENRY, Ann Elizabeth15 MAR 1836
HENRY, Ann Emeline23 SEP 1831
HENRY, Ann Marie25 MAR 1971
HENRY, Ann Moorea
HENRY, Anna18821959
HENRY, AnnaABT 1905JUN 1992
HENRY, Anna Belle23 OCT 1923
HENRY, Anna Catharina28 SEP 17601833
HENRY, Anna FrancesABT. 1830
HENRY, Anna FrancesABT 1830
HENRY, Anna Justina8 JUL 1757
HENRY, Anna Laura2 JUN 185825 NOV 1912
HENRY, Anna Mae13 JUN 1942
HENRY, Anna Magdalena
HENRY, Anna Magdalena
HENRY, Anna Maria10 JUN 17698 DEC 1793
HENRY, Anna MariePrivate
HENRY, Annabelle
HENRY, AnnabelleMAR 18651908
HENRY, Annatje
HENRY, AnnePrivate
HENRY, Anne7 MAR 1802
HENRY, Anne6 FEB 1828
HENRY, AnnePrivate
HENRY, Anne (Nancy)24 MAY 17893 JUN 1810
HENRY, Anne AllisterPrivate
HENRY, Anne Catherine6 JAN 1818
HENRY, Anne ElizabethWFT Est 1758-1790WFT Est 1796-1873
HENRY, Anne ElizabethWFT Est 1758-1790WFT Est 1796-1873
HENRY, Anne Margrette11 MAR 1810
HENRY, Anne Maria Alexandria Joseph
HENRY, Anne Mary
HENRY, AnnieABT 1882
HENRY, Annie
HENRY, Annie Marian24 NOV 1880
HENRY, Antoinette
HENRY, Archibald A.17 MAY 18781956
HENRY, Archie Oliver23 NOV 18833 JAN 1976
HENRY, Arlene
HENRY, Aron7 Dec
HENRY, Arthur Joseph6 AUG 18511919
HENRY, Arthur Joshua19001 Dec 1962
HENRY, Arthur M.17 FEB 188823 FEB 1960
HENRY, Asa29 May 192010 Apr 1983
HENRY, AshleyPrivate
HENRY, Athenius W.
HENRY, Atheta Monelle14 FEB 1927
HENRY, Audra Dawn25 MAR 1979
HENRY, Audrey IreneABT 1944
HENRY, Audrey LouiseABT 1921
HENRY, Augustus
HENRY, Aveling Balcom14 NOV 1916
HENRY, Avonelle7 JUN 1925
HENRY, Ayton McGregor25 AUG 190411 APR 1993
HENRY, Barbara
HENRY, Barbara5 JUN 184226 MAR 1896
HENRY, Barbara
HENRY, Barbara Jeanne
HENRY, Barbara Jeanne
HENRY, Baron of Compton1541DEC 1589
HENRY, Baron of Compton1541DEC 1589
HENRY, Baron of Mordaunt15641608
HENRY, Baron of Mordaunt15641608
HENRY, BenjaminABT 1845
HENRY, Benjamin FABT 1865
HENRY, Benjamin F.
HENRY, Benjamin Franklin23 JUL 18484 JUL 1871
HENRY, Benjamin K.18 JUL 182028 FEB 1889
HENRY, Bernard
HENRY, Bernard BentonABT 1919
HENRY, Bernard McMahon26 OCT 190916 OCT 1984
HENRY, Bert Ernest8 NOV 187714 APR 1954
HENRY, Bertha
HENRY, Bertha Lee
HENRY, Berthe Nelly Joseph19-03-18861981
HENRY, Bertie FannieABT 1862
HENRY, BessieABT 1889
HENRY, Bessie
HENRY, Bessie1897
HENRY, Bessie A.7 OCT 19051979
HENRY, Betsey12 MAY 1856
HENRY, Bette
HENRY, Bette Jeanne1939
HENRY, Bettie AnnABT 1879
HENRY, Betty Jane
HENRY, Betty Jeane
HENRY, Betty May
HENRY, Betty Sue19 OCT 1939
HENRY, Betty Sue19 OCT 1939
HENRY, Beulah
HENRY, Beulah Louise27 DEC 1916
HENRY, Beverly6 AUG 1930
HENRY, Beverly Allen
HENRY, Beverly Faye
HENRY, Beverly Jean
HENRY, Billie LeePrivate
HENRY, Billy Ray
HENRY, Bishop of Beauvais
HENRY, Blaine
HENRY, Blair3 OCT 19261955
HENRY, Blanche
HENRY, Blanche11 FEB 182813 AUG 1873
HENRY, Blanche11 FEB 182813 AUG 1873
HENRY, Bonnie20 APR 1947
HENRY, Bonnie Belle16 SEP 1889
HENRY, Bonnie Rae3 NOV 1948
HENRY, Bowen
HENRY, Bradford Bert
HENRY, Bradford TaylorPrivate
HENRY, Brandon Edward15 JUN 1984
HENRY, Brenda26 DEC 1945
HENRY, Brenda Lee
HENRY, Brenda Lee
HENRY, Brett ArronPrivate
HENRY, Brian
HENRY, Brian
HENRY, Brian Gerald1972
HENRY, Brian JamesPrivate
HENRY, Bruce A.ABT 1912
HENRY, Bryan RogerPrivate
HENRY, Bryan RogerPrivate
HENRY, BuchananJun 186027 Apr 1862
HENRY, Buchanan18601862
HENRY, Butch
HENRY, Caitlyn ClairePrivate
HENRY, Calvin Calaway18271855
HENRY, Calvin Deloss28 Sep 186611 Nov 1866
HENRY, Calvin RolandPrivate
HENRY, Calvin William16 Jun 182722 Nov 1908
HENRY, Captain

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