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70 Individuals with the HATAWAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HATAWAY, Albert24 FEB 1889
HATAWAY, AndrewPrivate
HATAWAY, Bash1852
HATAWAY, Batow5 DEC 18141 OCT 1906
HATAWAY, Bert6 AUG 1906
HATAWAY, Bret (Dominy)16 JUL 1959
HATAWAY, CareyPrivate
HATAWAY, ClaytonPrivate
HATAWAY, Clinton1880
HATAWAY, Conner1801
HATAWAY, E. B.1853
HATAWAY, Elizabeth1854
HATAWAY, Elizabeth1845
HATAWAY, Elizabeth Lizzie1 APR 1904
HATAWAY, Emily Beatrice3 APR 18545 FEB 1929
HATAWAY, Fannie1874
HATAWAY, Francis18581951
HATAWAY, Francis Marion1848
HATAWAY, FredaPrivate
HATAWAY, George W.1854
HATAWAY, Georgina1860
HATAWAY, Harmon Alto30 AUG 18965 MAR 1986
HATAWAY, Harmon H.27 OCT 186818 DEC 1925
HATAWAY, Ida V.1871
HATAWAY, Isaiah Bate1850BEF 1880
HATAWAY, James1864
HATAWAY, JamesPrivate
HATAWAY, James Monroe30 MAR 186321 AUG 1922
HATAWAY, John1851
HATAWAY, John Thomas21 DEC 185217 JAN 1934
HATAWAY, Larry A. J.1846
HATAWAY, Leon28 NOV 1898
HATAWAY, Leonard C.1856
HATAWAY, Leonard Clinton10 JUL 18569 JAN 1938
HATAWAY, Lillie1862
HATAWAY, Lizzie1 APR 1904
HATAWAY, Margaret1854
HATAWAY, Maria1849
HATAWAY, MarionPrivate
HATAWAY, Martha Isabel13 JUL 186112 MAY 1944
HATAWAY, Martha J. 'Mattie'1856
HATAWAY, Martin1811
HATAWAY, Mary Candace1874
HATAWAY, Minnie D.
HATAWAY, Mollie4 NOV 1892
HATAWAY, Monroe1873
HATAWAY, Monroe25 JAN 1891
HATAWAY, Ora1878
HATAWAY, Paul1875
HATAWAY, R. W.1858
HATAWAY, Ray L.29 MAR 19021 OCT 1984
HATAWAY, Raymond B.Private
HATAWAY, Rebecca
HATAWAY, Rebecca Frances1850
HATAWAY, Richard Webb1 DEC 18582 MAR 1899
HATAWAY, Ruth23 OCT 1902
HATAWAY, Sara Bell2 AUG 1894
HATAWAY, Thomas1822
HATAWAY, Thomas Clinton10 MAY 182128 FEB 1903
HATAWAY, Tolbert Franklin Tollie1858
HATAWAY, Walton1839
HATAWAY, William1818
HATAWAY, William1847
HATAWAY, William Oates29 NOV 1900
HATAWAY, William Walker30 NOV 2004
HATAWAY, William Westley11 JUN 18652 MAY 1918

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