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183 Individuals with the HAGER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HAGER, Abigail
HAGER, Abigail
HAGER, Agnes
HAGER, Albert David23 NOV 193113 MAR 1990
HAGER, Albert H.
HAGER, Albert H.
HAGER, Albert H.
HAGER, Albert H.
HAGER, Almedia FrancesUNKNOWN
HAGER, Altha13 Jan 1891Mar 1980
HAGER, Amanda
HAGER, Angela Maria10 MAR 1961
HAGER, August
HAGER, August
HAGER, Barbara
HAGER, Barbara
HAGER, Beatrice
HAGER, Bertha Dallas7 DEC 18909 DEC 1964
HAGER, Brenda Kaye29 DEC 194410 MAR 1986
HAGER, C. E.ABT 1909
HAGER, Catharine Elizabeth
HAGER, Chad Allyn
HAGER, Charles Raymond
HAGER, Cindy Lou9 May 1960
HAGER, Clarence18901 Mar 1938
HAGER, Clarence F1900
HAGER, Clarence Newton21 FEB 191326 OCT 1991
HAGER, Colleen
HAGER, Daisy Florence3 APR 189311 JAN 1968
HAGER, David
HAGER, David Anthony30 SEP 1959
HAGER, David Clark
HAGER, Delphia Faye30 OCT 1942AFT 1969
HAGER, Denise Maurine20 JUN 1962
HAGER, Donald15 MAR 1938
HAGER, Dorothy Hazel24 DEC 190830 MAY 1976
HAGER, Earle22 Jul 1885
HAGER, Edith M.18 JAN 1895
HAGER, Edith M.18 JAN 1895
HAGER, Edna M.20 Oct 18971946
HAGER, Egbert Wilson "Bert"17 OCT 1885JUN 1917
HAGER, Elizabeth19 MAR 1835
HAGER, Elizabeth
HAGER, Elmer11 Mar 1889
HAGER, Emma18 SEP 1875
HAGER, Ernest Sidney24 AUG 191510 FEB 1988
HAGER, Estella
HAGER, Ethel9 Apr 1887
HAGER, Eugene S.ABT 1902
HAGER, Eugene Sherrill
HAGER, Floyd E.19051988
HAGER, Frances B2 JUN 1925
HAGER, Frank W.
HAGER, Freda Delphia1 SEP 192021 APR 1979
HAGER, GeorgePrivate
HAGER, George L.9 Feb 18611959
HAGER, George Willard1863
HAGER, George Willard1863
HAGER, Hamilton D.
HAGER, Hamilton D.
HAGER, Harriett4 OCT 1877UNKNOWN
HAGER, Harry
HAGER, Harry G.
HAGER, Harry G.
HAGER, Harry H.
HAGER, Harry Hampton22 Dec 188926 Jul 1892
HAGER, Haruko NakayamaPrivate
HAGER, Harvey Lowell10 Sep 189226 Jan 1982
HAGER, Hattie Maria
HAGER, Hattie Maria
HAGER, Helen Louise
HAGER, James
HAGER, James Edward
HAGER, James L. Dr.18 Oct 1902
HAGER, James Loran19 JUL 193231 MAY 1983
HAGER, Jamie Lynn
HAGER, Janetta Elizabeth8 JUL 1955
HAGER, Jannie
HAGER, Jaunita Amos
HAGER, Jeffrey Bryan
HAGER, JerryWFT EST. 1926-194630 DEC 1973
HAGER, John29 JUL 1903
HAGER, John Edward
HAGER, John Jackson6 DEC 18226 FEB 1864
HAGER, John Milton "Jack"
HAGER, John Theodore
HAGER, Johnnie Gladys21 AUG 191121 JUL 1997
HAGER, Johnny
HAGER, Kala Raenell
HAGER, Keith Allan
HAGER, Keith H.
HAGER, Kris Hugo
HAGER, Kristen Maree
HAGER, Lahoma Gradis14 OCT 19241 FEB 1970
HAGER, Larry C.
HAGER, Laura11 May 1896
HAGER, Leah8 AUG 18383 AUG 1862
HAGER, Lillian
HAGER, Lisa Kathryn10 NOV 1964
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Living
HAGER, Lottie Sylvia5 FEB 1901UNKNOWN
HAGER, Lydia
HAGER, Lynford
HAGER, Marcia Kay14 MAR 1947
HAGER, Margaret PaulineMAY 29 1889AUG 5 1933
HAGER, Margie HARRIS \ABT 1880
HAGER, Maria Catharina
HAGER, Maria Hauger29 NOV 183127 JAN 1915
HAGER, Martha
HAGER, Marvin CharlesABT 1928ABT 1961
HAGER, Mary Ann2 SEP 1932
HAGER, Mildred Hilton
HAGER, Naomi Jewel8 APR 192331 MAR 1991
HAGER, Newton
HAGER, Norma JeanABT 193010 JUN 2003
HAGER, Norman James11 NOV 1930
HAGER, Ollie
HAGER, Opal FrancesPrivate
HAGER, Pamela M.
HAGER, PatrickABT 1905
HAGER, Paul Dewayne1 JUL 196426 NOV 1999
HAGER, Peter Edgar17 MAR 1934
HAGER, Pluma
HAGER, Raymond R.
HAGER, Robert Keith
HAGER, Roger1937
HAGER, Roseanna
HAGER, Rosella28 May 193415 Jul 1958
HAGER, Roy Raymond7 DEC 189010 OCT 1987
HAGER, Roy Thurman15 SEP 191717 APR 1978
HAGER, Roy Thurman , Jr.AFT 1960UNKNOWN
HAGER, Russell Dale15 SEP 196827 SEP 1968
HAGER, Ruth Manilla4 Jul 189831 Oct 1948
HAGER, Samantha Lee
HAGER, Samuel D.18791936
HAGER, Sarah
HAGER, Sarah
HAGER, Sarah A.
HAGER, Shyla Ann
HAGER, Sophia30 Oct 181322 Jul 1871
HAGER, Tara Dawn
HAGER, Tony James
HAGER, Victoria19 MAY 1870UNKNOWN
HAGER, W. Theodore
HAGER, Walter H.191020 Dec 1976
HAGER, Wilbur Sola10 FEB 1871UNKNOWN
HAGER, Willard
HAGER, Willard
HAGER, William
HAGER, William ReinAPR 16 1867APR 12 1921
HAGER, William T.
HAGER, ?Private
HAGER, ??Abt 1888

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