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40 Individuals with the HAGE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HAGE, Abraham Van Der , Jr.20 Jan 181113 Oct 1856
HAGE, Abraham Van Der , Sr.24 Oct 1773
HAGE, Alexander JamesPrivate
HAGE, AngiePrivate
HAGE, Anthonie Leendert
HAGE, Arvin Howard
HAGE, Catharina Izabella
HAGE, Catherine11 Dec 175228 Oct 1828
HAGE, Catherine11 Dec 175228 Oct 1828
HAGE, Cornelia
HAGE, Cornelis
HAGE, Cornelis Pieter
HAGE, DaughterPrivate
HAGE, Deborra Maxine30 Sep 1951
HAGE, DonaldPrivate
HAGE, Hans George16951770
HAGE, Heinrich17461819
HAGE, Heinrich17461819
HAGE, Herbert NoelPrivate
HAGE, Izabella
HAGE, Johan JacobABT 1698
HAGE, Johan Jacobi21 NOV 16681738
HAGE, JohannABT 1675
HAGE, JohannABT 1675
HAGE, Johanna
HAGE, Johanna Van Der17 Dec 18446 Jun 1919
HAGE, Johannes
HAGE, Joseph19C.
HAGE, Leendert C.
HAGE, Randall MarkPrivate
HAGE, Rebecca Elene20 APR 197624 APR 1976
HAGE, Richard DonaldPrivate
HAGE, Robert JamesPrivate
HAGE, Ross ThomasPrivate
HAGE, Sol.

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