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35 Individuals with the HAFER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HAFER, Charles13 JUL 1919
HAFER, Charles13 JUL 1919
HAFER, Clarence12 MAY 1909
HAFER, Clarence M.23 JUL 1862
HAFER, Dela ClaraABT 1897
HAFER, Devin Lynn7 Apr 1981
HAFER, ElizabethABT 1871
HAFER, Elizabeth Ann1887
HAFER, Erin Diana31 Mar 1986
HAFER, Hazel May
HAFER, Heather Rea17 Nov 1983
HAFER, Holly Rae15 Aug 1963
HAFER, Jacob
HAFER, Jacob Randal9 Mar 1990
HAFER, Jason Raymond29 Jul 1988
HAFER, Jeremai11 Jun 1982
HAFER, John16 OCT 1838
HAFER, John F.
HAFER, John Joseph21 OCT 1905
HAFER, Justin Jay16 Dec 1958
HAFER, Krista Kay24 Nov 1983
HAFER, Lelia Belle26 JAN 1869
HAFER, Leon Marshall12 FEB 1911
HAFER, Linda13 JAN 1943
HAFER, Living
HAFER, Living
HAFER, Marian4 FEB 1900
HAFER, Nathan Eugene15 Jan 1958
HAFER, Norbett Alfred28 MAY 1898
HAFER, Randal Everett16 Apr 1960
HAFER, Raymond Eugene6 Jun 1984
HAFER, Susan Maria29 JUN 1847
HAFER, William

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