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70 Individuals with the HAFEN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HAFEN, (infant son)BEF OCT 2002
HAFEN, Ada Marie
HAFEN, Agnes
HAFEN, Aimee Chanel29 JAN 1987
HAFEN, Allison Marie21 DEC 1981
HAFEN, Amanda Lareen
HAFEN, Andrew Frain
HAFEN, Anna Cathrine16 Feb 182813 Jun 1914
HAFEN, Bryant19 AUG 1960
HAFEN, Carol19 APR 1938
HAFEN, Charles Allan21 APR 1958
HAFEN, Charles Moroni12 APR 194214 JAN 1991
HAFEN, Daniel Brent
HAFEN, David
HAFEN, David Earl4 NOV 1994
HAFEN, Debra
HAFEN, Diana17 DEC 1957
HAFEN, Donald
HAFEN, Emily Sherree27 MAY 1985
HAFEN, Emma28 MAY 1940
HAFEN, Esther8 MAR 1944
HAFEN, Irene1 MAR 1934
HAFEN, Jalinda
HAFEN, Jarrod
HAFEN, Jessica Lynn4 AUG 1985
HAFEN, Joanne
HAFEN, Joanne
HAFEN, John Mark14 JUN 1955
HAFEN, John Mark16 APR 1932
HAFEN, Joseph22 FEB 189519 OCT 1976
HAFEN, Joseph8 MAR 1926
HAFEN, Joseph Dean31 DEC 1992
HAFEN, Larry Brent
HAFEN, Laurie9 SEP 19619 SEP 1961
HAFEN, Living
HAFEN, Living
HAFEN, Living
HAFEN, Living
HAFEN, Lonny
HAFEN, Louise17 DEC 1929
HAFEN, Lynette9 SEP 19619 SEP 1961
HAFEN, Magdalena24 Jul 185515 Jul 1926
HAFEN, Margaret Ann9 JAN 1946
HAFEN, Marissa Lee
HAFEN, Mary4 JUL 1949
HAFEN, Matthew Mark26 APR 1980
HAFEN, McArthur
HAFEN, Melanie3 JUL 1962
HAFEN, Melissa Jane24 SEP 1986
HAFEN, Michael Bryant15 JUN 1988
HAFEN, Michael Ryan Bryan28 DEC 1987
HAFEN, Minnie2 SEP 190616 JAN 1953
HAFEN, Norma13 FEB 1928
HAFEN, Raymond3 JAN 193629 JUL 1956
HAFEN, Raymond Allan27 MAY 1967
HAFEN, Rebecca
HAFEN, Robert Stephen15 OCT 1990
HAFEN, Sandra Anne23 OCT 1962
HAFEN, Sarah Jane26 FEB 1970
HAFEN, Selena12 Mar 1885
HAFEN, SelenaABT 187114 MAR 1983
HAFEN, Shana Lee
HAFEN, Sharman
HAFEN, Stephen Gordon12 JUN 194224 MAR 1970
HAFEN, Wendy Lee28 MAR 1964
HAFEN, Weston14 APR 19141 AUG 1987
HAFEN, Wilford Leon

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