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106 Individuals with the HABSBURG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HABSBURG, Albert I of Austria1308
HABSBURG, Albert II the Lame of Austria1358
HABSBURG, Albert III of Austria1395
HABSBURG, Albert III the Rich1199
HABSBURG, Albert IV the Patient1404
HABSBURG, Albert IV the Wise1239
HABSBURG, Albert of Austria1439
HABSBURG, Albert of Austria V1440
HABSBURG, Albert VI of Austria15591463
HABSBURG, AlbertIII the Rich Count of1199
HABSBURG, Albrecht IV Count ofAbt 1188
HABSBURG, Albrecht IV Count OfABT 118822 Nov 1240
HABSBURG, Albrecht IV von12021240
HABSBURG, Albrecht V Count OfABT 12201 Jan 1256
HABSBURG, Anna7 JUL 152816 OCT 1590
HABSBURG, Anne Maurice22 SEP 160120 JAN 1665/66
HABSBURG, Anne of Austria15491580
HABSBURG, Anne of Austria16 AUG 157310 FEB 1597/98
HABSBURG, Anne of Austria143214 NOV 1462
HABSBURG, Cecilie Renate16 JUL 161124 MAR 1643/44
HABSBURG, Charles II of Spain6 NOV 16611 NOV 1700
HABSBURG, Charles of Austria3 APR 154010 JUL 1590
HABSBURG, Charles V Emperor15001558
HABSBURG, Charles V of15001558
HABSBURG, Charles VI1 OCT 168520 OCT 1740
HABSBURG, Constance of Austria24 DEC 158810 JUL 1631
HABSBURG, daughter15681568
HABSBURG, Don Carlos1545AUG 1558
HABSBURG, Edward15751582
HABSBURG, Eleanor of Austria15 NOV 149818 FEB 1557/58
HABSBURG, Elizabeth9 JUN 152615 JUN 1545
HABSBURG, Elizabeth of Austria14381505
HABSBURG, Ernest the Iron of Austria1424
HABSBURG, Ferdinand15711578
HABSBURG, Ferdinand 1 of Austria10 MAR 1502/0327 JUL 1564
HABSBURG, Ferdinand 119 JUL 157815 FEB 1636/37
HABSBURG, Ferdinand 11113 JUL 16081657
HABSBURG, Ferdinand I of15031564
HABSBURG, Ferdinand of Austria-Este20 JUL 182115 DEC 1849
HABSBURG, Francis V Ferdinand of Modena1 JUN 181920 MAY 1876
HABSBURG, Frederick III the Handsome1330
HABSBURG, Frederick IV of Austria1439
HABSBURG, Frederick V of Austria1493
HABSBURG, Guntram the Rich Count of
HABSBURG, Gutta1297
HABSBURG, Hartmann VonABT 12221252
HABSBURG, Isabella18 JUL 1501
HABSBURG, Isabella Clara Eugenia15661633
HABSBURG, Joseph I26 JUL 167817 APR 1711
HABSBURG, Juana (Joanna)27 JUN 15377 SEP 1573
HABSBURG, Jutta von12711297
HABSBURG, Karl von
HABSBURG, Katherina14 JAN 1506/0712 FEB 1577/78
HABSBURG, Katherine Michela10 OCT 15676 NOV 1597
HABSBURG, Kunigunde Countess OfABT 1226
HABSBURG, Kunigunde VonABT 12081228
HABSBURG, Kunigunde, Countess OfAbt 1226
HABSBURG, Ladislas V Posthumus of Bohemia1457
HABSBURG, Lanzelin von Graf Count ofAUG 981
HABSBURG, Leopold I9 JUN 16405 MAY 1705
HABSBURG, Leopold I of Austria
HABSBURG, Leopold III of Austria1386
HABSBURG, Leopold IV the Fat of Austria1411
HABSBURG, Margaret of Austria10 JAN 1479/8030 NOV 1530
HABSBURG, Margaret Teresa12 JUL 1651
HABSBURG, Margaret von1333
HABSBURG, Maria Anna of Spain
HABSBURG, Maria Antonia Josefa7 SEP 168314 AUG 1754
HABSBURG, Maria Isabella of Tuscany21 MAY 1834
HABSBURG, Mariana of Austria24 DEC 1635
HABSBURG, Marie Amelia22 OCT 170111 DEC 1756
HABSBURG, Marie Beatrix of Modena13 FEB 182418 MAR 1906
HABSBURG, Marie Josephe8 DEC 16991757
HABSBURG, Marie-Madelaine7 OCT 15891 NOV 1631
HABSBURG, Marie-Therese of Spain20 SEP 163830 JUL 1683
HABSBURG, Mary1603
HABSBURG, Mary of15301584
HABSBURG, Mathilde von12511304
HABSBURG, Matthias24 FEB 1556/5720 MAR 1618/19
HABSBURG, Maximilian I of Austria1519
HABSBURG, Maximilian I of Germany14591519
HABSBURG, Otto of Austria
HABSBURG, OttoII Count of8 NOV 1111
HABSBURG, Philip , II Of Spain21 MAY 152713 SEP 1598
HABSBURG, Philip 1121 MAY 152713 SEP 1598
HABSBURG, Philip I of Burgundy-Spain14781506
HABSBURG, Philip I the Handsome14781506
HABSBURG, Philip II of Spain
HABSBURG, Philip III15781621
HABSBURG, Philip IV of Spain8 APR 160517 SEP 1665
HABSBURG, Rudolf I of Austria1291
HABSBURG, Rudolf I von12181291
HABSBURG, Rudolf II1232
HABSBURG, Rudolf II of Austria1290
HABSBURG, Rudolf III of Austria1307
HABSBURG, Rudolf IV the Founder1365
HABSBURG, Sigismund , Of AustriaUNKNOWN
HABSBURG, Sigismund of Austria26 OCT 14274 MAR 1495/96
HABSBURG, Werner Count of
HABSBURG, Werner II1096
HABSBURG, Werner III1167
HABSBURG, WernerIII Count of
HABSBURG, William1406

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