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33 Individuals with the HABIG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HABIG, Alexander Michael
HABIG, Alisa Catherine3 APR 188615 JAN 1929
HABIG, Andrew22 OCT 1883
HABIG, Anna Marie5 APR 18891981
HABIG, Betty
HABIG, Brenda Ann
HABIG, Charles
HABIG, Christina L.
HABIG, Christopher22 AUG 1892
HABIG, Darren
HABIG, Franziska25 Oct 184425 Jul 1879
HABIG, Heath Don
HABIG, Heather Dawn
HABIG, Henry15 MAY 1876JUL 1895
HABIG, Jacob20 DEC 18781888
HABIG, John C.
HABIG, Lewis2 MAY 1893
HABIG, Louis C.
HABIG, Louisa26 MAY 188119 MAY 1955
HABIG, Maria Catharina
HABIG, Martine26 AUG 18791881
HABIG, Michael2 AUG 184419 SEP 1922
HABIG, Michael H.24 DEC 192221 JAN 1996
HABIG, Micheal10 SEP 189114 JUL 1965
HABIG, Micheal B.
HABIG, Richard F.
HABIG, Ronald
HABIG, Ruth L.
HABIG, Steven L.
HABIG, Tristian John
HABIG, William

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