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28 Individuals with the HABETS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HABETS, AnnaJul 1716
HABETS, Anna Elisabeth
HABETS, Anna Maria11 Jan 1807
HABETS, Casparus Petrus26 Mar 1782
HABETS, Catharina3 Feb 1718
HABETS, Catharina7 Feb 1672
HABETS, Elisabetha13 Mar 17431795
HABETS, Henricus1670
HABETS, Jacobus30 Aug 1773
HABETS, Joanna11 Aug 1678
HABETS, Joannes
HABETS, Joannes19 Aug 1719
HABETS, Joannes17 May 1669
HABETS, Joes Petrus16 Apr 178027 Nov 1864
HABETS, Lambertus27 Jan 174827 Dec 1796
HABETS, Lambertus16 Apr 17701770
HABETS, Lambertus5 Apr 17775 Jun 1856
HABETS, Lambertus12 May 17141748
HABETS, Lambertus13 Sep 1673
HABETS, Maria1 Sep 1695
HABETS, Maria Agnes23 Oct 1826
HABETS, Maria Anna5 Nov 1775
HABETS, Maria Catharina13 Mar 1786
HABETS, Marie Helena10 Jul 17831 Aug 1833
HABETS, Severinus
HABETS, Theodorus4 Sep 177119 Jan 1839

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