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44 Individuals with the GALLAND Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GALLAND, Abel9 Mar 17891857
GALLAND, Abijah1829
GALLAND, Adah E1868
GALLAND, Amie18381866
GALLAND, Andrew Jackson1846
GALLAND, Andrew Jackson1852
GALLAND, Artemes N1816
GALLAND, Benjamin14 Jun 18401900
GALLAND, Benjamin Furby31 Jan 1821
GALLAND, David18091852
GALLAND, David10 May 179526 Nov 1872
GALLAND, Eleanor1830
GALLAND, Elizabeth1838
GALLAND, Fanny1837
GALLAND, Frances Pauline1867
GALLAND, Francoise
GALLAND, Grace Estelle
GALLAND, Hannah23 Aug 1822
GALLAND, Hannah1828
GALLAND, Hugh1855
GALLAND, Isaac1827
GALLAND, Isaac15 May 17911858
GALLAND, Isaac H1857
GALLAND, James1724
GALLAND, John Clinton18461915
GALLAND, John R1859
GALLAND, Maria Ann1817
GALLAND, Mary1814
GALLAND, Mary Polly17981870
GALLAND, Matilda1819
GALLAND, Matthew17581809
GALLAND, Matthew17941812
GALLAND, Perthenia Eveline20 Sep 18451872
GALLAND, Polly1811
GALLAND, Sarah1832
GALLAND, Sophia Ann
GALLAND, Tamson12 Dec 1824
GALLAND, Washington1827
GALLAND, William1840
GALLAND, William M1826
GALLAND, William Wallace23 Apr 18421917

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