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105 Individuals with the GAIO Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GAIO, (Maria) Antonia28 NOV 186522 SEP 1954
GAIO, (Pietro) Antonio
GAIO, Angela
GAIO, Anna Cecilia25 SEP 1870
GAIO, Anna Mariaa1712
GAIO, Anonyme15 DEC 1871
GAIO, Antonio8 APR 190221 AUG 1902
GAIO, Antonio
GAIO, Antonio
GAIO, Antonio
GAIO, Antonio
GAIO, Arcangelo25 JUN 187814 JAN 1913
GAIO, Bortolo Teodoro9 NOV 189329 DEC 1925
GAIO, Candida7 MAY 1860
GAIO, Candida
GAIO, Caterina
GAIO, Caterina Odale21 JUN 18988 NOV 1986
GAIO, Caterina?26 OCT 1873
GAIO, Catterina9 SEP 1855
GAIO, Catterina13 APR 1860
GAIO, Cecilia Anastasia24 NOV 1861
GAIO, Celestina28 DEC 1858
GAIO, Domenico
GAIO, Domenico6 SEP 1857
GAIO, Domenico
GAIO, Domenico (Bortolini)12 JUL 19042 MAY 1953
GAIO, Elisabetta21 OCT 1858
GAIO, Elisabetta8 APR 19031903
GAIO, Elisabetta16 JUN 1874
GAIO, Elisabetta
GAIO, Elisabetta
GAIO, Gaspare
GAIO, Gasparo
GAIO, Giacobba7 MAR 1857
GAIO, Giacobba20 MAR 1863
GAIO, Giacobba
GAIO, Giacobba18 NOV 1871
GAIO, Giacobba13 JUN 188015 OCT 1924
GAIO, Giacobba Olivia11 MAY 1864
GAIO, Giacomina15 JUL 190726 FEB 1975
GAIO, Giacomina
GAIO, Gianmaria
GAIO, Giovanni
GAIO, Giovanni
GAIO, Giovanni
GAIO, Giovanni28 NOV 1864
GAIO, Giovanni
GAIO, Giovanni
GAIO, Giovanni
GAIO, Giovanni (Neto Gaio)28 FEB 18623 NOV 1937
GAIO, Giovanni Antonio15 OCT 18731875
GAIO, Giovanni Battista18 DEC 1870
GAIO, Giovanni Giacomo8 APR 19001906
GAIO, Giovanni Gregorio15 FEB 1872
GAIO, Giovanni Zacariaaout 1860
GAIO, Giuseppe9 APR 187520 APR 1875
GAIO, Giuseppe Giovanni12 MAR 1863
GAIO, Gregorio Giuseppe5 DEC 1875
GAIO, Innominata16 MAY 1867
GAIO, Inominato16 DEC 18581858
GAIO, Inominato13 JAN 18591859
GAIO, Lauro5 NOV 1856
GAIO, Leopardo
GAIO, Leopoldo Gabrielle10 NOV 190228 DEC 1992
GAIO, Lorenzo Giovanni5 MAR 190317 FEB 1975
GAIO, LuciaDEC 19051909
GAIO, Lucia
GAIO, Maria
GAIO, Maria
GAIO, Maria
GAIO, Maria
GAIO, Maria Caterina
GAIO, Maria Domenica19 OCT 1863
GAIO, Maria Elisabetta6 SEP 18571937
GAIO, Maria Elisabetta8 SEP 191024 APR 1933
GAIO, Maria Elisabetta1 MAY 1862
GAIO, Maria Maddalena17 AUG 1869
GAIO, Maria Pasqua
GAIO, Maria Teresa19 OCT 1861
GAIO, Maria Teresa31 JUL 1876
GAIO, Mario Gregorio21 SEP 1868
GAIO, Matteo
GAIO, Matteo Didaco10 NOV 18964 FEB 1972
GAIO, Natale24 DEC 190629 DEC 1906
GAIO, Olimpia
GAIO, Orsola
GAIO, Orsola14 JAN 190627 APR 1965
GAIO, Orsola23 FEB 190425 DEC 1904
GAIO, Orsola7 JAN 190824 JUN 1924
GAIO, Pietro20 MAR 1867
GAIO, Pietro
GAIO, Pietro
GAIO, Pietro
GAIO, Pietro Antonio
GAIO, Pietro Antonio1 OCT 1871
GAIO, Pietro Raimondo
GAIO, Quirino (Chiaro)2 SEP 1884
GAIO, Riccardo
GAIO, Rocco
GAIO, Rocco (Chiaro)9 FEB 18879 APR 1926
GAIO, Santo5 NOV 1856
GAIO, Sebastiano
GAIO, Teresa24 APR 1867
GAIO, Vittore9 FEB 1854
GAIO, ?29 NOV 1866

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