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42 Individuals with the GAINER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GAINER, Beveridge B.18 OCT 1910JUL 1983
GAINER, Chloe SophiaABT 1917
GAINER, Chloe SophiaABT 1917
GAINER, Danita Dawn
GAINER, Danny George
GAINER, Deborah Ralphanne
GAINER, Eliza Isabella16 SEP 18742 SEP 1958
GAINER, Elizabeth1783
GAINER, ElizabethAbt 1770Aft 1850
GAINER, ElizabethAbt 1771
GAINER, Elizabeth M30 MAY 18656 MAY 1919
GAINER, George Franklin10 MAR 182825 AUG 1902
GAINER, George Franklin25 NOV 1859MAR 1942
GAINER, Halden R18 Jan 190719 Jan 1907
GAINER, Halden R18 Jan 190719 Jan 1907
GAINER, Infant
GAINER, Infant
GAINER, James22 NOV 1783
GAINER, Jewel Xuripha27 JAN 191425 JAN 1962
GAINER, Joseph Virgil12 MAR 190621 OCT 1986
GAINER, Lawrence Dale
GAINER, Louise15 OCT 1923
GAINER, Louisianna Isabella
GAINER, Mary18 NOV 1779
GAINER, Mary Ann
GAINER, Mary Eliza1818
GAINER, Mary Ella
GAINER, Miriam A.1803
GAINER, Nancy178713 OCT 1846
GAINER, Nancy1780
GAINER, Penelope1 MAY 1789
GAINER, RebeccaBET 1789 AND 1794BEF 31 AUG 1863
GAINER, Sallie1805
GAINER, Sarah Isabella9 JUN 190420 AUG 1981
GAINER, Sarah JaneAUG 18717 APR 1951
GAINER, Seymour H14 Jun 1869
GAINER, Seymour H14 Jun 1869
GAINER, Temperance1796
GAINER, Thelma
GAINER, Vashti Fannie23 FEB 186819 SEP 1899
GAINER, William1758

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