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21 Individuals with the GAERTNER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GAERTNER, Anne Marie Louise18 Jan 1831
GAERTNER, Anne Marie Sophie Charlotte2 Feb 185418 Jul 1874
GAERTNER, Arhart30 Sep 189426 Jan 1971
GAERTNER, Carl Christian Friedrich14 Apr 1858
GAERTNER, Carl Heinrich18 Jan 186330 Nov 1940
GAERTNER, Christian Friedrich10 Mar 1865
GAERTNER, Clara19 Apr 190226 May 1978
GAERTNER, Emma M27 Feb 190028 Apr 1963
GAERTNER, Friedrich Wilhelm23 Nov 182418 Sep 1900
GAERTNER, Isaac16802 MAY 1748
GAERTNER, Johann Bernhard28 NOV 17238 SEP 1797
GAERTNER, Johann Jacob3 MAY 1719
GAERTNER, Johann Nicolaus5 MAY 1742
GAERTNER, Johannes7 AUG 1726
GAERTNER, John21 May 189728 Jul 1936
GAERTNER, Lydia A26 Feb 18936 Jan 1981
GAERTNER, Maria Catharina1 SEP 17131748
GAERTNER, Maria Catharina1 Sep 17131748
GAERTNER, Maria Elisabeth24 MAY 1716
GAERTNER, Philipp Daniel15 AUG 1733ABT 1736
GAERTNER, Samuel13 JUL 1721

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