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26 Individuals with the GADOIS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GADOIS, Amable25 APR 17509 AUG 1750
GADOIS, Andre13 OCT 1754
GADOIS, Antoine
GADOIS, Antoine
GADOIS, AntoineBEF 23 OCT 1827
GADOIS, ArchangeABT 1799JAN 1835
GADOIS, Charles23 JUL 1751
GADOIS, Etienne10 MAR 1745/4612 JUN 1746
GADOIS, Francois3 FEB 1742/4331 OCT 1750
GADOIS, Francois20 DEC 1760
GADOIS, Henri24 NOV 1756
GADOIS, Jean-Baptiste26 MAR 175920 SEP 1759
GADOIS, Jean-BaptisteBEF 27 NOV 1741
GADOIS, Jean-Baptiste
GADOIS, Jean-Baptiste22 DEC 16971781
GADOIS, Louis23 FEB 1729/30
GADOIS, Louis25 NOV 1752
GADOIS, Marie-Ambroise18 JUL 1744
GADOIS, Marie-Catherine24 OCT 1764
GADOIS, Marie-Gabrielle2 FEB 1726/2718 APR 1802
GADOIS, Marie-Rose11 AUG 1768
GADOIS, Pierre20 SEP 1762
GADOIS, Toussaint-Amable28 MAR 174822 NOV 1750
GADOIS, Valentine

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