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62 Individuals with the GABLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GABLE, ????
GABLE, Allison L.15 OCT 1964
GABLE, Asa or Walter
GABLE, Beverly Jean
GABLE, Bridget F.12 JUL 1963
GABLE, Carol Sue
GABLE, CatherineWFT Est. 1747-1774WFT Est. 1801-1862
GABLE, Charles Gregory
GABLE, Chester2 FEB 186415 JUN 1931
GABLE, Clarence3 FEB 190510 APR 1905
GABLE, Clifford Henry25 SEP 190214 AUG 1918
GABLE, Dale DeWayne
GABLE, Dan1856
GABLE, Elias
GABLE, Elijah1838BEF 12 OCT 1864
GABLE, Elizabeth10 JUL 1656
GABLE, Ephram
GABLE, Estella
GABLE, Estella
GABLE, Eva Clifton1904
GABLE, Frances1844
GABLE, George W1869
GABLE, Harvey James19 OCT 191126 JUN 1981
GABLE, Henry
GABLE, Israel
GABLE, Jason R.13 FEB 1971
GABLE, Johann Adam20 AUG 178515 JUN 1870
GABLE, Joseph1840
GABLE, Kelly Renee5 AUG 1979
GABLE, Kenneth Andrew6 AUG 1977
GABLE, Laura Ella15 May 186621 Aug 1960
GABLE, Living
GABLE, Maria Elizabeth Fuchs15 AUG 1788ABT 1830
GABLE, Martin1837BEF 12 OCT 1864
GABLE, Mary Jane1842
GABLE, Minnie15 DEC 18823 MAR 1979
GABLE, Minnie15 DEC 18823 MAR 1979
GABLE, Minnie
GABLE, Minnie
GABLE, Norma Mae13 AUG 192312 JUN 1961
GABLE, Patricia Ann
GABLE, Phillip
GABLE, Ralph LeroyABT 189817 MAR 1912
GABLE, Rebecca2 JAN 1825BET 1860 AND 1870
GABLE, Robert
GABLE, SarahBEF 27 May 1638AFT 30 Nov 1717
GABLE, Tabitha
GABLE, Theodore Kenneth2 JAN 1947
GABLE, Thomas1614
GABLE, Tommy Sheffield
GABLE, Unknown
GABLE, Velma Jean13 Nov 195319 Jul 1990
GABLE, VirginiaPrivate
GABLE, Walter

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