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24 Individuals with the FRAIM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FRAIM, Angeline (Angie)10 FEB 184417 NOV 1924
FRAIM, Cynthia AnnABT 1817
FRAIM, Elizabeth6 JAN 1806
FRAIM, George Thomas8 FEB 1841
FRAIM, James Milton12 SEP 184813 OCT 1925
FRAIM, JaneABT 1823
FRAIM, JohnBET 1770 AND 1780ABT 1843
FRAIM, John M6 MAR 181331 MAR 1882
FRAIM, John M06 MAR 1813
FRAIM, Josephine
FRAIM, Josephine (Josie)10 FEB 18445 DEC 1927
FRAIM, Lucie A30 NOV 18463 SEP 1873
FRAIM, Marcus CiceroABT 1836
FRAIM, Mary AnnAUG 18334 SEP 1917
FRAIM, Mary AnnAUG 1833
FRAIM, Mary Anna (Polly)ABT 18041858
FRAIM, Matilda15 MAY 18169 JAN 1846
FRAIM, Matilda15 MAY 181609 JAN 1846
FRAIM, Prior Perkins MDABT 1801BET 1870 AND 1880
FRAIM, Sarah Isabella10 FEB 183817 DEC 1919
FRAIM, Temperance (Tempsie)ABT 1808
FRAIM, WilliamABT 1797BET 1865 AND 1870
FRAIM, William

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