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309 Individuals with the FEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FEY, Ada1880BET JAN 1894 AND MAR
FEY, Ada Georgina18711952
FEY, Ada Rose19011936
FEY, Albert19 SEP 1881
FEY, AlbertABT 1905
FEY, Albert Edward18851885
FEY, Albert George1883
FEY, Albert Henry James18771878
FEY, Albert John18561858
FEY, Alfred1838BET OCT 1841 AND DEC
FEY, Alfred19091971
FEY, Alfred James1877
FEY, Alfred James18651866
FEY, Alfred John18661932
FEY, Alfred John19031935
FEY, Alice18801880
FEY, Alice Elizabeth18781945
FEY, Allan
FEY, Amy Louise5 FEB 1905
FEY, Anita19001980
FEY, Ann1762
FEY, Ann1806
FEY, Ann1819
FEY, Anne1807
FEY, Anne18211893
FEY, Anthony19371994
FEY, Arthur1891
FEY, Arthur Edwin1896BET JAN 1970 AND MAR
FEY, Arthur Ernest1909
FEY, Arthur Frank19141974
FEY, Arthur James15 JAN 18521914
FEY, Augustus Alfred1890
FEY, Augustus Charles G.1870
FEY, Augustus John1897
FEY, Augustus Mark Luke12 DEC 1866
FEY, Barbara1912
FEY, BessABT 1908
FEY, Betty1768
FEY, Betty1794
FEY, Betty(Elizabeth)1801
FEY, Carolaine1910
FEY, Caroline18801945
FEY, Catherine Annie1878
FEY, Cecil George1905
FEY, Charles1859
FEY, Charles A.1898
FEY, Charles Alfred18451906
FEY, Charles E.Matthew1877
FEY, Charles H1890
FEY, Charles Luke18731922
FEY, Charles Luke18931893
FEY, Charley18751958
FEY, Christina Marian1890
FEY, Conrad
FEY, Conrad Martin
FEY, Coresta "Cora" Canfield18831960
FEY, Cyril Reginald G.1904
FEY, Daisy Jubilee1897
FEY, Dorothy1895
FEY, Dorothy19041951
FEY, Edgar James Southcott18801952
FEY, Edith Rose1890
FEY, Edmond1740
FEY, Edmund17591830
FEY, Edward1776BET OCT 1855 AND DEC
FEY, Edward1842
FEY, Edward17019 MAR 1756
FEY, Edward1882
FEY, Edward Frank19031982
FEY, Edwin18251846
FEY, Edwin1848ABT 1923
FEY, Edwin Matthew18701929
FEY, Edwin Reginald18741943
FEY, Edwin Slade1844
FEY, Eileen19121912
FEY, Eliza1850
FEY, Eliza Jane1855
FEY, Eliza Julia1853
FEY, ElizabethABT 1865ABT 1931
FEY, Elizabeth1830
FEY, Elizabeth1850
FEY, Elizabeth1730
FEY, Elizabeth1808
FEY, Elizabeth1695
FEY, Elizabeth1815
FEY, ElizabethBEF JUN 1838BEF APR 1839
FEY, Elizabeth18381839
FEY, Elizabeth1846
FEY, Elizabeth1884
FEY, Elizabeth1828
FEY, Elizabeth Catherine21 JUL 1955
FEY, Ellen185222 AUG 1929
FEY, Ellen18381839
FEY, Ellen Elizabeth18641917
FEY, Ellen Grace1900
FEY, Ellen Sarah1842BET APR 1844 AND JUN
FEY, Elsie1897
FEY, Elsie Adeline1883
FEY, Elsie Mary1895
FEY, Emily1886
FEY, Emily Grace18431845
FEY, Emily Mary18781962
FEY, Emma1848
FEY, Emma Ann Marley18401844
FEY, Emma D.1886
FEY, Emma Northcott1867
FEY, Ernest18671945
FEY, Ernest Edward18651870
FEY, Ernest John1887
FEY, Ernest John18801957
FEY, Ethel1912
FEY, Ethel Maud1884
FEY, Ethel Ruby1903
FEY, Evelin E.1878
FEY, Fanny1850
FEY, Fanny Elizabeth1871
FEY, Florence Ellen1877
FEY, Florence EvaABT 1891
FEY, Florence Gertrude1872
FEY, Florence Nora A18731952
FEY, Francis (Frank)18571921
FEY, Frank18841949
FEY, Frank19221922
FEY, Frank Alexander18941957
FEY, Frederick18761938
FEY, Frederick G.1897
FEY, Frederick Howes19021966
FEY, George
FEY, GeorgeABT 1819ABT SEP 1897
FEY, George26 APR 1856
FEY, George1883
FEY, George1838
FEY, George1850BET APR 1867 AND JUN
FEY, George18791880
FEY, George Thomas183716 SEP 1897
FEY, George William19051955
FEY, Grace18171884
FEY, Grace19331994
FEY, Grace Ann1839
FEY, Grace Ann1889
FEY, Hector George19051989
FEY, Helen (Nellie)G.18861959
FEY, Helen Louisa ElstonBET JAN 1867 AND MAR
FEY, Helen Tryphena17 APR 1910
FEY, Helen Tryphena1910
FEY, Henry
FEY, Henry Charles R.19041905
FEY, Henry Theodore19011968
FEY, Herbert1887
FEY, HoraceABT 1908
FEY, Irene19231923
FEY, Ivy Louise18991966
FEY, Ivy Tryphena1907
FEY, Jacob
FEY, Jacob C
FEY, James17981868
FEY, James1737
FEY, James1763
FEY, James18011859
FEY, James18211890
FEY, James18421918
FEY, James1881
FEY, James1834
FEY, James Underhill1772
FEY, Jane1816
FEY, Jane1803
FEY, Jane1823
FEY, Jennie1913
FEY, Joan1734
FEY, Joan1693
FEY, Joan1689
FEY, JohnABT 1841ABT 1842
FEY, John1854
FEY, John181013 JAN 1813
FEY, John1815
FEY, John18241873
FEY, John22 APR 1834
FEY, John1791
FEY, John1840
FEY, John17431807
FEY, John1798
FEY, John1799
FEY, JohnAUG 17809 JUN 1826
FEY, John3 NOV 18051886
FEY, John18461908
FEY, John1817
FEY, John1894
FEY, John1862
FEY, John1910
FEY, John1822
FEY, John1832
FEY, John EdwinNOV 1833
FEY, John William18851898
FEY, Julian1687
FEY, June19351935
FEY, Kate M1900
FEY, Kate Sarah A.18811884
FEY, LillyABT 1889
FEY, Lily19221922
FEY, Lizzie
FEY, Luke William18501885
FEY, Luke William1877
FEY, Mabel1880
FEY, Margaret Joyce1907
FEY, Margery Lily1905
FEY, MariaABT DEC 1843BEF 1901
FEY, Maria1803
FEY, Maria18141892
FEY, Marianne1826
FEY, Mark18451930
FEY, Martha
FEY, Martha1732
FEY, Martha1888
FEY, Martha A12 APR 188527 DEC 1956
FEY, Martha E1905
FEY, Mary1800
FEY, Mary1827
FEY, Mary AnnABT DEC 1848
FEY, Mary Ann18131865
FEY, Mary Ann1843
FEY, Mary Ann18351868
FEY, Mary Ann1829
FEY, Mary Anne1860
FEY, Mary Edgcombe1813
FEY, Mary Ellen18791953
FEY, Mary Jane1847
FEY, Mary Jane1796
FEY, Mary Jane1848
FEY, Mary LilianABT 1901
FEY, Matthew181018 FEB 1861
FEY, Matthew18401890
FEY, Matthew Henry1865
FEY, Matthew John Elston18791920
FEY, Matthew William18621911
FEY, Matthew Woodgates18361836
FEY, May
FEY, May Ethel18981957
FEY, Minnie1892
FEY, Minnie Alice187023 SEP 1954
FEY, Mona Elizabeth19081982
FEY, Olive Mabel Hetty19111990
FEY, Oswald E.1888
FEY, Patricia Luella4 AUG 1927
FEY, Patricia Luella
FEY, Percy Willie19011988
FEY, Philip
FEY, Raymond19141914
FEY, Reginald19011975
FEY, Rhoda Sophronia1876
FEY, Richard

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