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151 Individuals with the FELTS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FELTS, Addie
FELTS, Agnes Terion31 DEC 191712 OCT 1984
FELTS, Angeline C.1850
FELTS, Annie Merlene13 DEC 190412 SEP 1973
FELTS, Billie Jean PattersonAbt 19326 APR 1995
FELTS, BobbyAbt 1925Abt 1930
FELTS, Bonnie27 FEB 1913JAN 1985
FELTS, Carmen MichellePrivate
FELTS, Cecil9 FEB 192028 MAR 1994
FELTS, Charlotte Ada15 MAR 18748 AUG 1955
FELTS, Christell12 MAY 191716 DEC 1995
FELTS, Clara Belle (1)11 SEP 18851952
FELTS, Clara Belle (2)18951898
FELTS, Clarence Ernest29 DEC 1891OCT 1972
FELTS, Clifford13 AUG 190410 JUN 1930
FELTS, David Henry13 SEP 186912 AUG 1941
FELTS, David William1790Aft 1870
FELTS, Davis D.
FELTS, Delia18591907
FELTS, Della C.Abt 1858
FELTS, Donald Glenn
FELTS, Dorothy EliseBet. 15 Jul 1920 - 112 MAY 1957
FELTS, Drucia Cleo14 SEP 189831 AUG 1987
FELTS, Dustrin BradyPrivate
FELTS, Earl Bertram
FELTS, Edwin
FELTS, Edwin Reese23 Apr 1904Oct 1977
FELTS, ElizabethABT 1848
FELTS, Elizabeth J.
FELTS, EllenAbt 1852
FELTS, Ellis Harvey "E.H." Jr.5 FEB 19242 MAY 1989
FELTS, Ellis Harvey Sr.Bet. 11 - 17 Nov 1879 MAY 1955
FELTS, Elmer
FELTS, Emeline1830Bet. 1903 - 1905
FELTS, Emma1878
FELTS, Emmet18 AUG 1977
FELTS, Ernest C.
FELTS, Eugene
FELTS, Eugene
FELTS, Eula M.
FELTS, Evelyn Louise "Weezy"Abt 1920
FELTS, Frances M.23 APR 1842
FELTS, Frank19 JUL 1938
FELTS, Frederick (2)1886Abt 1943
FELTS, George C.1820BEF 1880
FELTS, Georgia Ann George1848
FELTS, Harvey M.
FELTS, Hattie Mable "Pat"19111993
FELTS, Hiram Emerson20 OCT 187513 MAR 1947
FELTS, Holly Hicks9 SEP 192730 OCT 1981
FELTS, Hugh Jefferson3 JAN 189730 AUG 1990
FELTS, Ida Lee9 APR 188416 AUG 1934
FELTS, Ira Gladney "Bud"21 JAN 192127 AUG 1972
FELTS, Jack Dean
FELTS, Jack Dean
FELTS, James1841
FELTS, Jason Matthew
FELTS, Jerry Wayne
FELTS, Jimmy Donald9 AUG 194411 JAN 1961
FELTS, John GladneyBet. Jun 1833 - 2 De1907
FELTS, John Lindsey3 MAY 180720 JUN 1851
FELTS, John Royal Milam18 JAN 190713 NOV 1969
FELTS, John Wesley8 MAR 19105 JUL 1967
FELTS, Katherine "Kate"15 MAY 1885OCT 1977
FELTS, Kimberly Alice22 OCT 1971
FELTS, Lela10 JUL 1902
FELTS, Lillie
FELTS, Lillie Mae189327 APR 1941
FELTS, Living
FELTS, Living
FELTS, Living
FELTS, Living
FELTS, Living
FELTS, Living
FELTS, Living
FELTS, Living
FELTS, Lorena
FELTS, Louie
FELTS, Luther Emerson21 JAN 190014 MAY 1968
FELTS, Mariah C.1835
FELTS, Martha1832Bet. 1900 - 1901
FELTS, Martha W.
FELTS, Mary18 JUN 1882
FELTS, Mary E.Abt 1856
FELTS, Mary E.1852
FELTS, Mary Frances1834SEP 1852
FELTS, Mattie1873
FELTS, Mattie Elizabeth4 DEC 188020 MAY 1927
FELTS, Michael
FELTS, Michael BrianPrivate
FELTS, Michael BrianPrivate
FELTS, Michael Dewey
FELTS, Mollie AmandaBet. Jun 1872 - 18781916
FELTS, Myrtle Elizabeth19021978
FELTS, NathanielBet. 1839 - 1842
FELTS, Nicola13 OCT 19688 JUN 1989
FELTS, Ocie Inez
FELTS, Opal Lucille23 APR 19014 NOV 1990
FELTS, Patricia Ann
FELTS, Rebecca1847Aft 1880
FELTS, RebeccaABT 1840
FELTS, Renee Suzanne
FELTS, Renee Suzanne
FELTS, REV. James Wesley11 JUN 1844Aft 1880
FELTS, Robert15 DEC 1888MAY 1971
FELTS, Robert C.30 SEP 193517 SEP 1978
FELTS, Robert Clyde22 OCT 190917 JUL 1930
FELTS, Ronald Earl
FELTS, Ronald Earl
FELTS, Sallie Mae25 OCT 190619 JUN 1998
FELTS, Sarah
FELTS, Sarah Caroline12 AUG 18246 FEB 1909
FELTS, Sarah Elizabeth1846
FELTS, Shank
FELTS, Shawn Michael
FELTS, Steven Lee15 JUL 1944
FELTS, Steven Scott18 SEP 1967
FELTS, Terion Inez26 AUG 19091986
FELTS, ThomasJAN 1820Bet. 23 Jun 1863 - 1
FELTS, Thomas E.25 JAN 190311 JUN 1962
FELTS, Thomas Herman
FELTS, Thomas Jackson24 APR 19291 NOV 1982
FELTS, Thomas Jefferson14 JUL 186317 APR 1948
FELTS, Thomas L.
FELTS, Tom25 FEB 1876
FELTS, UfaPrivate
FELTS, unknown, 1st son of Barnett Felts
FELTS, Virgil Delon\Dillon22 APR 189320 APR 1954
FELTS, Virginia Barnett9 JUL 1974
FELTS, Walker L.Abt 192917 FEB 1996
FELTS, Walter
FELTS, Walter Elbert5 AUG 188920 NOV 1981
FELTS, Wendell KeelBet. 4 Nov 1905 - 196 NOV 1973
FELTS, William
FELTS, William ClayABT 1911
FELTS, William Dorsey2 DEC 183816 JUL 1904
FELTS, William E.7 JUL 184421 JAN 1921
FELTS, William Jr.9 FEB 1891
FELTS, William Lee5 DEC 188722 DEC 1970
FELTS, William Patrick18541944
FELTS, Wilton Herschel29 MAY 190817 MAY 1987

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