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101 Individuals with the FELL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FELL, Adolph
FELL, Albert
FELL, Albert EdwardAbt 1902
FELL, Alfred
FELL, Alice Anna2 Jan 1855
FELL, Amos
FELL, Anna14 Mar 1869
FELL, Anne29 Nov 188320 Aug 1954
FELL, Audrey
FELL, Barney
FELL, Benjamin
FELL, Benjamin
FELL, Billy
FELL, CatherineABT 1728
FELL, CatherineABT 1728
FELL, Charles G.6 SEP 186623 JUL 1891
FELL, Clyde
FELL, Cordelia
FELL, Cynthia7 MAR 17895 JUL 1868
FELL, Daniel185210 Oct 1932
FELL, David
FELL, David J.18671932
FELL, Dennis
FELL, Edgar1934
FELL, Edith6 Mar 1881
FELL, Ellen Amelia14 Aug 1846
FELL, Elsie B.16 SEP 1871
FELL, Emma A.
FELL, Emma M.16 Feb 1877
FELL, Eva Caroline8 Dec 187812 May 1952
FELL, Florence (Flossy)Sep 1882
FELL, Florence Evelyn19041919
FELL, Francis Seth30 Sep 187628 Dec 1932
FELL, George
FELL, Gladys Marie27 MAR 18975 JUL 1975
FELL, Harrie S.2 JAN 1870
FELL, Henrietta Marvin20 Nov 1850
FELL, Henry18279 Jan 1893
FELL, HenryMar 187322 Jul 1873
FELL, Henry Clay11 May 1893
FELL, Henry Lewis25 Oct 188027 Dec 1881
FELL, Hiram186528 Dec 1925
FELL, Holly
FELL, Ida May30 Aug 187529 Jun 1945
FELL, Infant Boy3 Feb 18993 Feb 1899
FELL, Irene J5 Jun 1857
FELL, James
FELL, JaneAbt 1731
FELL, Jane Carol
FELL, Jane MaryAbt 1870
FELL, John
FELL, John1857
FELL, John Duncan
FELL, John George
FELL, John Gillingham14 Nov 181626 Oct 1878
FELL, John Hull
FELL, John RuckmanABT 1850
FELL, Lilian M.9 JUL 1868
FELL, Lillian Louise1 Apr 1867
FELL, Maria Helen1860
FELL, Martha
FELL, Mary20 Sep 185524 Jan 1929
FELL, Mary R.ABT 1825ABT 1860
FELL, Mary WilsonABT 1847
FELL, Matilda1844
FELL, Matilda18611862
FELL, Miriam28 Dec 192528 Dec 1925
FELL, Nancy17851810
FELL, Nathan
FELL, PeterABT 1935
FELL, Rebecca
FELL, Rodman M.13 SEP 1878
FELL, Rotha May CoventryABT 18851946
FELL, Sarah25 JUL 178125 FEB 1823
FELL, Sarah
FELL, Sarah16431714
FELL, Sarah J.17 MAR 1873
FELL, Scott
FELL, Seth7 Jan 185421 Jan 1942
FELL, Thomas
FELL, Thomas15988 OCT 1658
FELL, Thomas Francis
FELL, Thomas Francis
FELL, Thornton13 Oct 18551 Apr 1920
FELL, Vivian Letitia18941906
FELL, W. H. Harrison7 FEB 1843NOV 1899
FELL, Warren Heckman8 Jul 1887Bef 1925
FELL, William19061972
FELL, William
FELL, William George
FELL, William R.7 Jan 187122 Feb 1910
FELL, William Short
FELL, William Smith22 Oct 182022 Apr 1891
FELL, William Warrington8 Jun 1860
FELL, 12 Mar 184912 Mar 1849

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