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59 Individuals with the FAXON Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FAXON, Barbara EsterFEB 5 1933
FAXON, Betsey W
FAXON, Deborah28 MAY 165427 JUL 1692
FAXON, DeborahFEB 175817 APR 1853
FAXON, Deborah165427 JUL 1692
FAXON, Edwin Spooner7 NOV 18024 DEC 1831
FAXON, ElizabethAbt 1860
FAXON, Elizabeth
FAXON, Fanny
FAXON, Fanny27 APR 180018 MAR 1863
FAXON, Harriett10 JUN 179718 JUL 1816
FAXON, Isaiah2 AUG 173412 FEB 1810
FAXON, James Morrill1 MAY 181220 NOV 1842
FAXON, Jane CarolineDEC 29 1901
FAXON, Joanna162616 Oct 1694
FAXON, Joanna20 SEP 1661
FAXON, Joanna20 SEP 1661
FAXON, Joanna20 SEP 166011 MAY 1704
FAXON, Joanna22 OCT 179815 FEB 1819
FAXON, JoannaABT 162616 OCT 1694
FAXON, Joanna or JohannaABT 163416 OCT 1694
FAXON, Johanna
FAXON, Johanna
FAXON, Johanna
FAXON, Josiah
FAXON, Josiah , Jr.23 MAY 1690Aft 1775
FAXON, Josiah , Sr.8 JUL 1660Abt 1731
FAXON, Lucy M.16 JUN 1837
FAXON, Marcia Younglove18 DEC 180922 OCT 1829
FAXON, Maria Angeline19 MAY 180430 OCT 1839
FAXON, Martha Eliza11 NOV 181416 OCT 1833
FAXON, Minnie
FAXON, Rebecca25 JUN 1657
FAXON, Richard26 FEB 1634/163520 DEC 1674
FAXON, Richard163020 DEC 1674
FAXON, RichardABT 163020 DEC 1674
FAXON, Richard
FAXON, Richard
FAXON, Richard163020 Dec 1674
FAXON, Samuel24 JAN 17713 SEP 1828
FAXON, Samuel Ervin24 MAY 180611 MAY 1830
FAXON, Sarah
FAXON, Sarah
FAXON, Sarah21 AUG 1659
FAXON, Sarah
FAXON, Sarah
FAXON, Sarah
FAXON, Thomas160123 Nov 1680
FAXON, Thomas1628
FAXON, Thomas
FAXON, Thomas
FAXON, Thomas
FAXON, Thomas23 NOV 1680
FAXON, ThomasABT 162825 MAY 1662
FAXON, Thomas160123 NOV 1680
FAXON, Thomas1628/2925 MAY 1662
FAXON, Thomas , Jr.162825 May 1662
FAXON, Thomas , Sr.Abt 161023 NOV 1680
FAXON, William

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