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31 Individuals with the FALLIN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FALLIN, Alice167919 Apr 1727
FALLIN, Andrew Paul6 Aug 1886
FALLIN, Carrie Ever26 Nov 1891
FALLIN, CharlesAbt 16838 Jun 1752
FALLIN, Charles164616 Apr 1701
FALLIN, Charles William Thomas22 Jan 1872
FALLIN, DennisAbt 168115 Mar 1726
FALLIN, DennisAbt 1688
FALLIN, Emma May12 Nov 1877
FALLIN, Henry Preston19 Apr 1889
FALLIN, Ida Belle12 Aug 1894
FALLIN, Irene Otelia
FALLIN, James Jefferson3 Dec 1873
FALLIN, JaneAbt 1694
FALLIN, JaneAbt 1650Aft 1714
FALLIN, JaneAbt 1674
FALLIN, John Maynard23 Jan 1851
FALLIN, John Russell22 Feb 1881
FALLIN, Linda Lou
FALLIN, Margaret Ann
FALLIN, MaryAbt 1696
FALLIN, Mary17 Sep 1672
FALLIN, Mary Frances Elnora5 Feb 1870
FALLIN, Nancy Jane11 Dec 1875
FALLIN, Susan Elizabeth21 Sep 1883
FALLIN, Tammy Lynn
FALLIN, WilliamAbt 1692
FALLIN, WilliamAbt 1677Feb 1726
FALLIN, William Thomas19262005
FALLIN, William Tony

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