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96 Individuals with the FAHNDRICH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FAHNDRICH, Amalia4 Dec 1864Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Amelia Boniface29 Apr 1901Sep 1973
FAHNDRICH, Anna18 Jul 1878Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Anna29 Sep 1894Deceased
FAHNDRICH, August4 Aug 1878Deceased
FAHNDRICH, August18 May 187119 Jul 1871
FAHNDRICH, Augustin11 Feb 1898Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Benjamin13 Mar 188228 Apr 1951
FAHNDRICH, Bernard13 Dec 1867Deceased
FAHNDRICH, BernardDeceased
FAHNDRICH, Bernard187715 Jun 1890
FAHNDRICH, Bernard J.Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Bernard Paul Lawrence29 Jun 18968 Jul 1897
FAHNDRICH, CarrollDeceased
FAHNDRICH, Carroll JosephABT. 1906Oct 1908
FAHNDRICH, Charles Joseph28 Jun 1915ABT. 1984
FAHNDRICH, Charles Richard18 Feb 187421 Oct 1946
FAHNDRICH, Delores Alvinia19151991
FAHNDRICH, DonnaDeceased
FAHNDRICH, Edna MayMay 18961928
FAHNDRICH, Ella24 Apr 18806 Jul 1950
FAHNDRICH, Franz Joseph11 May 1882Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Franz MatheusDeceased
FAHNDRICH, Frida9 Aug 184618 Aug 1846
FAHNDRICH, GeorgeJun 18991917
FAHNDRICH, George30 May 183122 Aug 1853
FAHNDRICH, Gerald Peter19101962
FAHNDRICH, Gertraud15 Oct 18655 Mar 1954
FAHNDRICH, Gottleib22 Nov 186928 Aug 1921
FAHNDRICH, Grace Josephine13 Mar 1890Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Gustav8 Dec 184023 Dec 1840
FAHNDRICH, Helen Wilhelmina7 Jul 1888Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Ida Ella19091909
FAHNDRICH, Jacob8 Jan 18624 Feb 1952
FAHNDRICH, Jacob LeonardJun 18971923
FAHNDRICH, Johann Adam19 May 1858Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Johannes24 Jun 18454 Aug 1845
FAHNDRICH, JosephJul 188214 Jan 1902
FAHNDRICH, Joseph2 Apr 18865 Jun 1897
FAHNDRICH, Joseph31 Aug 1882Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Joseph25 Mar 18668 Jun 1923
FAHNDRICH, Joseph August6 Apr 184511 Feb 1846
FAHNDRICH, Joseph Karl27 Jan 1857Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Josephine Elizabeth9 Oct 1909Feb 1981
FAHNDRICH, Karolina2 Mar 180814 Mar 1856
FAHNDRICH, Karolina22 Oct 184726 Oct 1847
FAHNDRICH, Karolina23 Aug 1853Deceased
FAHNDRICH, KatharinaDeceased
FAHNDRICH, Katharina20 May 185121 May 1851
FAHNDRICH, Katharina25 Mar 1856Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Katharina8 May 1881Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Katherine Barbara19031964
FAHNDRICH, Kerbe?27 Oct 1880Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Kilian7 Feb 18539 Feb 1853
FAHNDRICH, Kilian12 Mar 1854Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Kilian29 Oct 187110 Dec 1877
FAHNDRICH, Leo29 Jun 1856Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Leonard6 Mar 1923
FAHNDRICH, Little Son1 Jan 1885
FAHNDRICH, Louisa15 Jun 18518 Jun 1872
FAHNDRICH, LouisaDeceased
FAHNDRICH, LouisaDeceased
FAHNDRICH, Luisa23 Sep 1877Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Luisa26 Jun 187721 Aug 1941
FAHNDRICH, Madchen20 Dec 188120 Dec 1881
FAHNDRICH, Madchen27 May 188027 May 1880
FAHNDRICH, Marguerite Kathryn12 Oct 19038 May 1996
FAHNDRICH, Maria24 Mar 1847Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Marie Ella19051993
FAHNDRICH, MarthaDeceased
FAHNDRICH, Mary Magdalen19011996
FAHNDRICH, Melchior7 Jan 18642 Aug 1937
FAHNDRICH, Michael13 Dec 1867Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Michael2 Feb 19008 Feb 1900
FAHNDRICH, Peter187915 Jun 1890
FAHNDRICH, Peter26 Feb 188023 Aug 1891
FAHNDRICH, Phyllis Mary30 Nov 191218 Feb 2001
FAHNDRICH, Regina24 Dec 1810Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Richard11 Dec 186719 Jul 1940
FAHNDRICH, Richard , Jr.13 Dec 1923Jun 1974
FAHNDRICH, Richard Charles17 Aug 1898Sep 1966
FAHNDRICH, Rosa8 Apr 1860Deceased
FAHNDRICH, RosinaSep 188817 Oct 1888
FAHNDRICH, Sabina24 Dec 184330 May 1916
FAHNDRICH, Theresa18 Feb 187618 Mar 1880
FAHNDRICH, Theresia29 Apr 184918 Feb 1916
FAHNDRICH, Theresia1 Feb 1888
FAHNDRICH, TheresiaMay 1883Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Verna Cecelia19071989
FAHNDRICH, Veronica12 Nov 186819 Nov 1868
FAHNDRICH, Veronika22 Aug 18246 Jun 1841
FAHNDRICH, Veronika15 Feb 185813 Sep 1860
FAHNDRICH, Vinzens30 Mar 1874Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Vinzens8 Nov 189616 Feb 1897
FAHNDRICH, Wilhelm29 May 1851Deceased
FAHNDRICH, Wilhelmina28 Aug 188411 Sep 1958

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