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49 Individuals with the FACKRELL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FACKRELL, Bryce Alan5 AUG 1947
FACKRELL, Christian Fackrell
FACKRELL, Clarissa Hoyt3 MAR 188915 NOV 1972
FACKRELL, Claudia Kay16 AUG 1948
FACKRELL, Clinton Blair7 DEC 1942
FACKRELL, Cyrenus Hoyt15 OCT 18859 DEC 1885
FACKRELL, Cyrenus Sumner16 JAN 18642 JUL 1954
FACKRELL, David Hoyt23 NOV 188613 DEC 1888
FACKRELL, Deanna Rose7 NOV 1939
FACKRELL, Delbert Hoyt9 APR 19027 JAN 1974
FACKRELL, Dorithy Hoyt2 OCT 19052 OCT 1905
FACKRELL, Earl Herman14 FEB 192125 AUG 1921
FACKRELL, Edgar Hoyt17 APR 19073 JUN 1907
FACKRELL, Edna Hoyt17 APR 190717 APR 1907
FACKRELL, Ellen Alice13 SEP 191411 APR 1991
FACKRELL, Eloise Elaine24 AUG 1924
FACKRELL, Erma7 APR 1912
FACKRELL, Grant9 APR 191919 JUN 1950
FACKRELL, Hannah Elizabeth10 JUN 1906
FACKRELL, Hazell Beatrice
FACKRELL, Ilene15 JUN 191011 MAY 1992
FACKRELL, Israel Hoyt12 OCT 189329 APR 1982
FACKRELL, Josiah Hoyt16 APR 190426 MAY 1942
FACKRELL, Joyce Anne29 JUL 1946
FACKRELL, Joyce Fern14 MAR 1931
FACKRELL, Kenneth Ronald4 NOV 1928
FACKRELL, Laura20 MAR 185628 NOV 1936
FACKRELL, Lena Louisa15 JUL 190212 FEB 1963
FACKRELL, Lillian Hoyt
FACKRELL, Lucy24 JAN 1899SEP 1983
FACKRELL, Matthew Jay18 JUL 1975
FACKRELL, Michael Allen
FACKRELL, Michael Duane31 AUG 1951
FACKRELL, Mona Mae5 JUL 1936
FACKRELL, Nella Louisa28 JAN 1945
FACKRELL, Oren Hoyt9 MAY 1935
FACKRELL, Redick Hoyt3 MAY 1899
FACKRELL, Robert Frederick13 NOV 1938
FACKRELL, Rodolph Proctor17 SEP 187517 DEC 1949
FACKRELL, Rodolph Proctor16 OCT 19164 JAN 1994
FACKRELL, Ronald Proctor30 JUL 1937
FACKRELL, Scott Patrick
FACKRELL, Susannah Hoyt30 NOV 1891
FACKRELL, Tony Peter28 DEC 1940
FACKRELL, Virginia Ellen13 AUG 1949

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