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19 Individuals with the FABYAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FABYAN, ElizabethBEF OCT 1710
FABYAN, JohnABT 165715 FEB 1705
FABYAN, JohnABT 168130 MAR 1756
FABYAN, JohnABT 17063 JUN 1782
FABYAN, Joseph1 APR 170715 MAY 1789
FABYAN, JosephABT 1689
FABYAN, Joseph1 APR 170715 MAY 1789
FABYAN, Joshua27 MAR 174220 JAN 1799
FABYAN, MaryABT 1695
FABYAN, MaryABT 1711
FABYAN, Mehitabel29 APR 1716
FABYAN, Phebe6 SEP 1713
FABYAN, Robert Ransom
FABYAN, SamuelABT 1691
FABYAN, Samuel3 DEC 1710
FABYAN, Sarah8 APR 177521 JUL 1845
FABYAN, SarahABT 16936 AUG 1748

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