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30 Individuals with the EWERT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EWERT, Aganetha4 NOV 188725 FEB 1949
EWERT, Anna31 MAY 1894
EWERT, David25 FEB 1907
EWERT, Eliesabeth
EWERT, Franz
EWERT, Fredrick14 NOV 185414 MAY 1908
EWERT, Friedrich23 FEB 19104 NOV 1910
EWERT, Friedrich24 NOV 190820 OCT 1909
EWERT, Friedrich14 DEC 1872
EWERT, Friedrich
EWERT, Hannah Lee21 SEP 1996
EWERT, Heinrich10 SEP 189228 AUG 1905
EWERT, Helena8 NOV 18808 JAN 1909
EWERT, Helena
EWERT, Johann
EWERT, Johann
EWERT, JohannABT 1755
EWERT, Katharina10 FEB 1884
EWERT, Maria17 SEP 1911
EWERT, Maria22 JUN 18823 FEB 1917
EWERT, Mary AnnaMAY 12 1906
EWERT, Michel
EWERT, Minnie21 SEP 18865 AUG 1949
EWERT, Nikolai14 JUN 1915
EWERT, Peter
EWERT, Susan Margaret
EWERT, Susanna6 MAR 1886
EWERT, Tim27 NOV 1966
EWERT, Wilh.

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