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79 Individuals with the EVERS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EVERS, Albert Meadows4 MAY 188922 MAR 1939
EVERS, Albertus1840
EVERS, Anna18 NOV 186226 JAN 1913
EVERS, Benjamin1877
EVERS, Chaja Ruth
EVERS, Cornelia J.Abt 1857
EVERS, David Allen1 AUG 1951
EVERS, David Allen1 AUG 1951
EVERS, David L.1848Bef 1900
EVERS, Dianna Lynn27 Sep 1956
EVERS, Dorothy Caroline1 Dec 18506 Jul 1938
EVERS, Edna1851Bef 1885
EVERS, Edward1875
EVERS, Edward Franklin1 OCT 186715 FEB 1930
EVERS, Effie M24 SEP 187921 JAN 1962
EVERS, Elbon14 Apr 1934
EVERS, Elimelech Zadok
EVERS, ElizabethAbt 142613 MAR 1481/1482
EVERS, Elizabeth Hasbrouck12 FEB 18483 FEB 1913
EVERS, Esther Chana
EVERS, Eugenia J.JUN 1864
EVERS, Harry1883
EVERS, Helena LijbenWFT Est 1684-17031748
EVERS, Helena LijbenWFT Est 1684-17031748
EVERS, Ida Terressa29 MAR 18753 APR 1956
EVERS, Israel Noach
EVERS, James Dean20C.
EVERS, James Monroe (1)MAY 1860
EVERS, James Monroe (2)11 APR 188413 OCT 1928
EVERS, Jason Allen24 SEP 1969
EVERS, Joannes
EVERS, JohnABT 1770
EVERS, John Franklin30 MAR 184028 AUG 1897
EVERS, John Oscar7 AUG 1877
EVERS, Josef Yizhac
EVERS, Joseph
EVERS, Kathleen MelitaPrivate
EVERS, Kitty
EVERS, Lauren5 MAR 1961
EVERS, Lewis J.13 JAN 1817FEB 1885
EVERS, Louis Benton14 JAN 187119 JUL 1937
EVERS, MargareteABT 1910ABT 1964
EVERS, Maria
EVERS, Maria Catharina
EVERS, Maria Wilhelmina25 May 18842 Jun 1937
EVERS, Maria Wilhelmina25 May 18842 Jun 1937
EVERS, Mark Carter18 Oct 1954
EVERS, MaryABT 1813
EVERS, Mary1846Bef 1885
EVERS, Mary Louisa15 NOV 18811 NOV 1973
EVERS, Menachem Mendel
EVERS, Nellie1880
EVERS, Richard
EVERS, RobertAbt 1389
EVERS, Robert Lee31 AUG 18694 JAN 1937
EVERS, Roy Neal21 APR 1928
EVERS, Roy Neal21 APR 1928
EVERS, Sara AnnOCT 1853Aft 1920
EVERS, Sarah19 OCT 1783Aft 1870
EVERS, Sarah Bertha22 APR 18868 JUN 1968
EVERS, Setie18921956
EVERS, Setie18921956
EVERS, Shalom Dov Ber
EVERS, Shner Zalman
EVERS, Steven Simon
EVERS, Szmuel Baruch
EVERS, Thomas Jefferson15 FEB 187321 DEC 1942
EVERS, Ursula Anneliese
EVERS, Ursula Anneliese
EVERS, William1842BEF 1920
EVERS, William1887
EVERS, William H.Abt 184224 AUG 1878
EVERS, William Maurice1 NOV 18791 APR 1964
EVERS, Zetje19051956
EVERS, Zetje19051956

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