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73 Individuals with the EURE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EURE, Ann15581602-1653
EURE, AnneABT 1454
EURE, AnneABT 1461ABT 1510
EURE, Blanche
EURE, Catherine
EURE, Doug Thomas8 OCT 1971
EURE, Eldon Morris2 MAY 19239 NOV 1984
EURE, Elizabeth
EURE, ElizabethABT 1444
EURE, ElizabethABT 1415ABT 1475
EURE, ElizabethABT 1426from 13 Mar 1481 to
EURE, Frances
EURE, HenryABT 1446
EURE, HughABT 1456
EURE, HughABT 12331295
EURE, Jackie
EURE, Joan
EURE, JoanABT 1438
EURE, JohnABT 1208
EURE, JohnABT 12661322
EURE, John130322 Feb 1393/1394
EURE, JohnABT 1446BEF 1452
EURE, JohnABT 1452BEF 11 JUN 1483
EURE, John (Ewer)
EURE, John (Ewer)
EURE, John de22 FEB 1393
EURE, John de22 FEB 1393
EURE, MARGARETABT 138025 Dec 1444
EURE, Margaret Redric13 SEP 183719 DEC 1929
EURE, MargeryABT 1448
EURE, Mary
EURE, MaryABT 141116 Mar 1470/1471
EURE, MaryABT 1458
EURE, Meriel
EURE, Mrs. Robert
EURE, MurielABT 151123 NOV 1557
EURE, Muriel
EURE, PeterABT 1549
EURE, Ralph1372
EURE, Ralph9 Mar 1461/1462
EURE, Ralph134610 Mar 1421/1422
EURE, RalphABT 1560
EURE, Ralph22 OCT 1539
EURE, Ralph
EURE, Ralph
EURE, Ralph
EURE, Ralph
EURE, Ralph
EURE, RalphABT 14129 MAR 1461/1462
EURE, RalphABT. 1453
EURE, Ralph24 SEP 15086 MAR 1544/45
EURE, RalphABT 1442BEF 19 JUN 1484
EURE, Randolph
EURE, RobertABT 1416
EURE, RobertABT 1450
EURE, Robert
EURE, Robert
EURE, WilliamABT. 148315 MAR 1546/47
EURE, William
EURE, William18 FEB 1440BEF 19 JUN 1484
EURE, William
EURE, William
EURE, William
EURE, William
EURE, William
EURE, William18 Feb 1440/1441
EURE, WilliamBET. 1400 - 1420WFT Est. 1454-1494
EURE, WilliamABT 1335
EURE, William
EURE, WilliamABT 139620 AUG 1465
EURE, William
EURE, William 1st BaronABT 148315 MAR 1549

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