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14 Individuals with the EPPERT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EPPERT, Austin Randall10 NOV 1988
EPPERT, Brandon Charles1 APR 1981
EPPERT, Catherine (Kate)27 JUL 185329 JUL 1937
EPPERT, Daniel D.16 DEC 182922 MAR 1886
EPPERT, Emma7 MAY 187516 OCT 1878
EPPERT, Franklin28 MAR 187321 AUG 1893
EPPERT, George P.22 MAR 186810 APR 1889
EPPERT, Jacob1 OCT 186327 MAY 1928
EPPERT, Jason Robert22 OCT 1977
EPPERT, John M.7 JAN 185723 FEB 1885
EPPERT, Louisa Jane26 DEC 18586 SEP 1910
EPPERT, Mary Elizabeth14 FEB 18557 APR 1933
EPPERT, Patrick28 MAR 18717 AUG 1878
EPPERT, Randall George9 AUG 1957

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