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1732 Individuals with the EOFF Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EOFF, Abraham25 Oct 17301788
EOFF, Ada1895
EOFF, Ada23 Jun 1914
EOFF, Ada Charity26 Jul 188323 Jun 1967
EOFF, Addie14 Jun 189825 Mar 1988
EOFF, Addie V.
EOFF, Agnes11 Jun 1900May 1987
EOFF, Alan Joseph9 Jul 1981
EOFF, Albert W.1904
EOFF, Alcephus
EOFF, Alexander15 Mar 179218 Apr 1869
EOFF, Alexander
EOFF, Alexander15 Mar 179218 Apr 1869
EOFF, Alexander1834
EOFF, Alexander16 Jul 18261 Aug 1892
EOFF, Alexander18041890
EOFF, Alexander1823
EOFF, Alexander
EOFF, Alexander17671791
EOFF, Alexander G.30 Mar 183920 Jun 1920
EOFF, Alexander Quarrier25 Mar 1828
EOFF, Alfred
EOFF, Alfred2 Jul 188429 Aug 1884
EOFF, Alfred Zane22 Nov 1950
EOFF, Alice Louise23 Jul 1923
EOFF, Alice P
EOFF, Alice P.
EOFF, AllieJun 1887
EOFF, Ally L.11 May 18814 Feb 1909
EOFF, Alphia
EOFF, Althea24 Mar 1899Feb 1986
EOFF, Alton Frank191617 Jan 1997
EOFF, Alton J189114 Dec 1958
EOFF, Alvin1879
EOFF, Alvin10 May 191215 Feb 1993
EOFF, Alvin Drew9 Feb 1922
EOFF, Alvis
EOFF, Amanda Ann10 Feb 18561863
EOFF, Amanda J.
EOFF, Amanda Maud3 Jun 186024 Nov 1920
EOFF, Amelia
EOFF, Amy L.20 Mar 187611 Mar 1914
EOFF, Andrew11 Sep 1899Jan 1967
EOFF, Andrew Jackson11 Jun 186125 Feb 1937
EOFF, Andrew Thomas1854
EOFF, Anita
EOFF, Anna1893
EOFF, Anna10 Dec 1919Dec 1983
EOFF, Anna Barbara15 Oct 1704
EOFF, Anna Belle13 Sep 1929
EOFF, Anna Catherine8 Feb 1705/06
EOFF, Anna M.
EOFF, Anna Marie4 Sep 1901
EOFF, Anna Sabrina1682
EOFF, Anne Hepburn
EOFF, Annie7 Oct 189522 Jan 1909
EOFF, AnnieWFT Est 1881-1899WFT Est 1916-1984
EOFF, Annie22 Aug 1886
EOFF, AnnieWFT Est 1881-1899WFT Est 1916-1984
EOFF, Annie7 Jun 18945 Jun 1989
EOFF, AnnieWFT Est 1881-1899WFT Est 1916-1984
EOFF, Annie Angeline14 Feb 1893
EOFF, Ansel
EOFF, Anthony Lee Burton
EOFF, Archibald1781
EOFF, Archie
EOFF, Arnold Ray12 Oct 1948
EOFF, Arpha
EOFF, Arthur30 Dec 1913Feb 1980
EOFF, Arthur E.
EOFF, Artimus M.26 Aug 187118 Mar 1936
EOFF, Arvezena10 Dec 1872
EOFF, Arviezena1855
EOFF, Asa Irvin
EOFF, Asel Craig2 Sep 190217 Nov 1982
EOFF, Asel Craig7 Sep 190217 Nov 1982
EOFF, Audie24 Aug 1930Dec 1986
EOFF, AugustaSep 1899
EOFF, Ava22 Jun 1892Oct 1971
EOFF, Azubah28 Jun 185014 Jan 1915
EOFF, Bailey Brooks
EOFF, Bailey Brooks
EOFF, Bamie1870
EOFF, Barbara26 Jul 193426 Mar 1991
EOFF, Barbara
EOFF, Barbara Helen15 Sep 1928
EOFF, Barsheba6 Dec 1797
EOFF, Belva Jean "Bobby"15 Jan 1932
EOFF, Ben4 Mar 1919Apr 1966
EOFF, Benjamin DEXTER6 SEP 1957
EOFF, Benjamin DEXTER6 SEP 1957
EOFF, Benjamin Dexter "Ben"6 Sep 1957
EOFF, Benjamin M6 Apr 1997
EOFF, Bennie
EOFF, Bennie Flaucell8 Oct 1935
EOFF, Bentley Jackson19 Mar 1913
EOFF, Bentley Jackson23 Nov 193925 Nov 1980
EOFF, Bentrena Kay17 Feb 1937
EOFF, Berma
EOFF, Bernice10 Mar 1901May 1971
EOFF, Bertha30 Nov 190118 Apr 1992
EOFF, Bertha6 Apr 187523 Feb 1939
EOFF, Bertha16 Jun 1894Jul 1972
EOFF, Bertha22 Jan 1960Mar 1985
EOFF, Bertha A.20 Jun 189114 Sep 1957
EOFF, Bertha A.1878
EOFF, Bertha IsabelleAug 1901Oct 1946
EOFF, Bertha N.
EOFF, Bertha Pearl9 Oct 1921Dec 1988
EOFF, Bessie
EOFF, Bessie6 Oct 1886May 1977
EOFF, Bessie18 Apr 1892
EOFF, Bessie1875
EOFF, Bessie M.1905
EOFF, Betsey
EOFF, Betsy7 Dec 1958Jun 1984
EOFF, Betty
EOFF, Betty Jean1935
EOFF, Betty Joy8 Nov 1922
EOFF, Betty Sue3 Apr 1963
EOFF, Betty Vada
EOFF, Beverly McKree1860
EOFF, Beverly McKree18221887
EOFF, Beverly McKree1881
EOFF, Biffle
EOFF, Biley Brooks
EOFF, Billie Carolyn
EOFF, Billie Jean
EOFF, Billie Ruth
EOFF, Billy16 Jun 1929Nov 1977
EOFF, Billy Ferrell9 Dec 19312 Nov 1934
EOFF, Billy Joe4 Dec 1930
EOFF, Birch
EOFF, Birdie29 Sep 1894Jul 1977
EOFF, Blanche11 Nov 1903Apr 1985
EOFF, Blanche7 Sep 18988 Mar 1991
EOFF, Bobbie Marie14 Oct 1930
EOFF, Bobbie Marie14 OCT 1930
EOFF, Bobbie Marie14 OCT 1930
EOFF, Bobby22 Feb 1947Sep 1977
EOFF, Bonnie13 Nov 1900Jun 1981
EOFF, Bonnie31 Jul 1904Aug 1982
EOFF, Boyd R.31 Mar 1933
EOFF, Boyd Randolph12 Nov 18998 Feb 1969
EOFF, BradPrivate
EOFF, Bradley James27 Nov 1945
EOFF, Brady6 Sep 1959Dec 1979
EOFF, Brian Keith22 Feb 1973
EOFF, Brian Lee
EOFF, Brook AnnNov 1975
EOFF, Burnes3 Jan 184521 Nov 1920
EOFF, C. Roy1917
EOFF, Callie23 May 1887May 1972
EOFF, Calvin
EOFF, Calvin
EOFF, Calvin Houston1 Oct 185415 Nov 1944
EOFF, Calvin Huston1 Oct 185415 Nov 1944
EOFF, Calvin Madden6 Mar 18878 Jan 1951
EOFF, Campbell
EOFF, Candace Tera23 Aug 1971
EOFF, Carlotte22 Jun 1923
EOFF, Carolina Mary27 Sep 182525 Aug 1896
EOFF, Caroline
EOFF, Caroline3 Jan 186912 Jul 1898
EOFF, Caroline
EOFF, Carrie22 Feb 1895Apr 1970
EOFF, Carrie11 Jan 19045 Mar 1990
EOFF, Casey
EOFF, Catherine1787
EOFF, Catherine1853
EOFF, Catherine17 Feb 1925Feb 1985
EOFF, Catherine1769
EOFF, Catherine1824
EOFF, Catherine Jane14 Sep 183031 Jul 1912
EOFF, Catherine Matilda1843
EOFF, Cecil
EOFF, Cecil
EOFF, Cecil25 Mar 1913Dec 1971
EOFF, Charlene
EOFF, Charles4 Nov 1917Mar 1985
EOFF, Charles9 Mar 1906Jan 1967
EOFF, Charles25 Jul 1917Mar 1962
EOFF, Charles Crumpler
EOFF, Charles Davis29 Dec 1863
EOFF, Charles E
EOFF, Charles E.
EOFF, Charles Edward
EOFF, Charles Laymon16 Jan 190311 May 1971
EOFF, Charles Sutton17 Oct 1926
EOFF, Charles Walton1856
EOFF, Charles William21 Feb 183331 Jan 1854
EOFF, Charles William18541942
EOFF, Charlie8 Dec 1910Dec 1980
EOFF, CharlieDec 18691941
EOFF, Charlie24 Aug 1883Dec 1963
EOFF, Charlie10 Feb 1906
EOFF, Cheri Lynn6 Jan 1948
EOFF, Chester19 Jan 1916Oct 1953
EOFF, Chester19 Feb 1894Oct 1971
EOFF, Chester6 Apr 19085 Dec 1988
EOFF, Chester
EOFF, Chester Columbus19 Jan 1916Oct 1953
EOFF, Chris
EOFF, Christian175014 Sep 1847
EOFF, Christopher
EOFF, Christopher Columbus1847
EOFF, Christopher Wayne
EOFF, Cinda
EOFF, Clara6 Aug 188512 Jan 1909
EOFF, Clara8 Apr 1891Oct 1978
EOFF, Clara26 Jun 1924
EOFF, Clara16 Mar 1878
EOFF, Clarcy27 May 1891Sep 1984
EOFF, Clarence19 Dec 19133 Sep 1995
EOFF, Clarence
EOFF, Clarence27 Feb 1897Oct 1985
EOFF, Clarence4 Jan 19062 Dec 1991
EOFF, Clarence
EOFF, Clarence27 May 1892May 1969
EOFF, Clarence Martin4 Jan 19061992
EOFF, Clarice
EOFF, Claude29 Mar 1890Jul 1972
EOFF, Claude6 Sep 190114 Mar 1974
EOFF, Clayton C.31 Dec 1956
EOFF, Clayton C.20 Nov 1925
EOFF, Clearsie
EOFF, Clennie7 Apr 1892Mar 1983
EOFF, Cleo5 Feb 1915Mar 1985
EOFF, Cleo Arbutas
EOFF, Clifford Doyle27 Jul 192015 Oct 1923
EOFF, Clinton
EOFF, Clois Lindel "Pete"29 Jun 1914
EOFF, Clyde18 Sep 190421 Nov 1967
EOFF, Clyde15 Jan 1910Oct 1970
EOFF, Clyde31 Mar 1891Jul 1969
EOFF, Clyde C.2 Aug 189912 Nov 1957
EOFF, Clyde Dawson
EOFF, Cody
EOFF, Columbus C.2 Feb 1872
EOFF, Connie
EOFF, Connie Jo5 Dec 1947
EOFF, Cora12 Jun 1907
EOFF, Cora11 Jan 1892
EOFF, CoraMay 1889
EOFF, Cora16 Aug 1890Feb 1984
EOFF, Cora7 Aug 1905Aug 1985
EOFF, Cornelius12 Dec 17431787

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