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39 Individuals with the ELLS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ELLS, Carrie W.8 AUG 1844UNKNOWN
ELLS, David18001879
ELLS, DavidAbt 1862
ELLS, DavidAbt 1830
ELLS, Edgar Stimpson
ELLS, Edward
ELLS, Elizabeth
ELLS, Frederick William12 AUG 1870
ELLS, Hannah4 MAR 18131844/45
ELLS, Hannah17 APR 1815
ELLS, Hannah (2)
ELLS, Hannah M4 MAR 18131845
ELLS, Harry Donald
ELLS, Henry Woodward
ELLS, Huldah (Earl)
ELLS, JedediahAbt 1778
ELLS, Jedediah176119 SEP 1840
ELLS, Jerusha20 Oct 180327 Feb 1879/1880
ELLS, Joshua17121797
ELLS, Joshua (2)1 JUN 1750
ELLS, Josiah1806
ELLS, Julia Sherman17 OCT 1860
ELLS, Katie Hoit29 JUN 1866
ELLS, Living
ELLS, Louis Cossuth
ELLS, Louis Cossuth
ELLS, Mary5 DEC 1777
ELLS, Mary
ELLS, Mary Maud
ELLS, MayAbt 1860
ELLS, Monica Lynn
ELLS, Nettie
ELLS, Olivia14 Jan 1788
ELLS, Ruby LucillePrivate
ELLS, Sarah ElizabethAbt 1841
ELLS, Sarah MariaAbt 1858
ELLS, Synthia
ELLS, Thomas
ELLS, William WABT 1848

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