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35 Individuals with the ELIE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ELIE, Abby Marie21 MAY 1976
ELIE, Abby Marie21 MAY 1976
ELIE, Alice
ELIE, Angele
ELIE, Anthony12 SEP 1977
ELIE, Celina Madelaine
ELIE, ChristianPrivate
ELIE, Christopher13 MAR 1976
ELIE, ClaudePrivate
ELIE, Edgard
ELIE, Henry
ELIE, II1151
ELIE, Jean-FrancoisPrivate
ELIE, Jean-Jacob
ELIE, Leonce
ELIE, Living
ELIE, Living
ELIE, Luciebet 1880 & 1900
ELIE, Margerie3 Feb 1618/19
ELIE, Margo
ELIE, Marie ClaudePrivate
ELIE, Marie Francoise Francine1861ABT 1948
ELIE, Marie Therese1709WFT Est. 1710-1803
ELIE, Nicolas
ELIE, Pascal
ELIE, Pascal10 Jan 1748
ELIE, Pierre
ELIE, Robert2 MAY 1979
ELIE, Ronald26 MAR 1951
ELIE, Ronald26 MAR 1951
ELIE, SabatABT 1720
ELIE, Terrence26 AUG 1955
ELIE, Thomas Pascal Titon26 Oct 181628 Apr 1869

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