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61 Individuals with the EIDE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EIDE, Anna18961977
EIDE, Anna Guskalksdtr.1687
EIDE, Anna Marie Hansdatter21 DEC 186710 JUL 1936
EIDE, Argota Gusskalksdtr.1695
EIDE, Brita Gusskalksdtr.1690
EIDE, Brita Villumsdatter
EIDE, Brita Villumsdatter
EIDE, Carie
EIDE, CatoWFT Est. 1847-1871WFT Est. 1873-1937
EIDE, EllenABT 1948
EIDE, Ellen E.18871982
EIDE, Evelyn A.24 JUL 192213 APR 2000
EIDE, Guri
EIDE, Guro Gusskalksdtr.16851764
EIDE, Gusskalk
EIDE, Gusskalk1743
EIDE, Hans Olson
EIDE, HelenABT 1917
EIDE, Ivar
EIDE, James31 MAR 1956
EIDE, Janet
EIDE, Jeanne20 AUG 1958
EIDE, JohnABT 1874
EIDE, John E.25 SEP 19258 NOV 1993
EIDE, Joren Paulsdatter
EIDE, Joren Paulsdatter
EIDE, Joyce
EIDE, Kari A.ABT 1960
EIDE, Kari A.ABT 1959
EIDE, Kari Gusskalksdtr.1697
EIDE, KennethABT 1920
EIDE, Kimberly
EIDE, LaMont27 MAY 1953
EIDE, Larry21 SEP 1946
EIDE, Lars Tollackson
EIDE, LaurenceABT 1921
EIDE, Lawrence10 OCT 191914 JUN 1970
EIDE, Linda Lou3 AUG 1947
EIDE, Nils
EIDE, Nils
EIDE, OdellaABT 1912
EIDE, OleBEF 1930
EIDE, Oleva
EIDE, Orra Silvi
EIDE, Palma
EIDE, PaulABT 1925
EIDE, Paul Tollefson Ostre
EIDE, Paul Tollefson Ostre
EIDE, Pearl A.1913
EIDE, Peter18871967
EIDE, Peter Solfestson1837
EIDE, Velom
EIDE, Velom
EIDE, Villum Gudskalson16901746
EIDE, Villum Gusskalkson16921746

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