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57 Individuals with the EGGE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EGGE, Absolon I.18681874
EGGE, Ada26 AUG 19281 NOV 1990
EGGE, Annat Jonsdtr17 SEP 184221 NOV 1904
EGGE, Anne Jonsdtr26 MAR 18151891
EGGE, Anne S.26 JAN 1955
EGGE, Axel Jonsen18171873
EGGE, Baarni26 MAR 1837
EGGE, Barbara Louise17 MAR 1949
EGGE, Borni S.18461898
EGGE, Brite Jonsdtr10 JAN 1825
EGGE, Carol
EGGE, David
EGGE, Dennis
EGGE, Elfreida28 NOV 19244 NOV 1988
EGGE, Emmett O.ABT 1922
EGGE, Erik Jonsen18201871
EGGE, Eugene
EGGE, Eugene
EGGE, Harold
EGGE, Harold J.ABT 1915
EGGE, Iver I.1871
EGGE, James
EGGE, John
EGGE, John H.ABT 1921
EGGE, John I.1866
EGGE, Jon18401841
EGGE, Jon18331834
EGGE, Jon J.1 DEC 1843
EGGE, Jon Jonsen22 DEC 1811
EGGE, Jon Jonsen16 JAN 178226 SEP 1840
EGGE, Karen
EGGE, Katherine J.11 FEB 19176 NOV 2000
EGGE, Larry
EGGE, Mari18341835
EGGE, Mari18361836
EGGE, Mari
EGGE, Mari Jonsdtr18081875
EGGE, Mari Sorensdtr26 DEC 184111 MAY 1933
EGGE, Marie6 DEC 1889
EGGE, Norman Herbert16 MAY 19206 MAR 1993
EGGE, Ole Jonsen184510 FEB 1914
EGGE, Ole S.4 JUL 1892SEP 1984
EGGE, Olene
EGGE, Oluf18861961
EGGE, Pernilla I.20 DEC 186218 MAY 1941
EGGE, Ronald
EGGE, Ronald
EGGE, Sharon
EGGE, Sonja
EGGE, Soren Jacobsen (Kopperstad)5 SEP 18132 AUG 1899
EGGE, Widow of 0lve ofAft 1021
EGGE, Yvonne

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