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27 Individuals with the EDES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EDES, Charles N.ABT 1846
EDES, Collins9 Dec 1755Abt 4 Jun 1816
EDES, Deborah18 Sep 1758
EDES, Edward Freeman24 May 1846
EDES, Emma
EDES, James I.ABT 1848
EDES, James W.8 May 1840
EDES, John24 Apr 1754
EDES, John12 Nov 175229 Mar 1753
EDES, John31 Jan 1715/1716Aft 1790
EDES, Lewis More6 Apr 1848
EDES, Lydia12 Nov 1749
EDES, Maria
EDES, Martha J.ABT 1842
EDES, Mary S.4 Apr 1842
EDES, NancyABT 1824
EDES, NicholasUNKNOWNABT. 1685
EDES, Nicholas1685
EDES, Sarah6 Jul 1751
EDES, Thomas
EDES, Thomas3 Jun 1816
EDES, William
EDES, William1664
EDES, William21 Sep 1687
EDES, William C.ABT 1844

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