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53 Individuals with the EBBEN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EBBEN, Ada1874
EBBEN, Alice1852
EBBEN, Ann28 Jul 1822
EBBEN, Ann29 Mar 1775Jun 1866
EBBEN, Ann25 Jul 1824
EBBEN, Ardina
EBBEN, Ardina
EBBEN, Charlotte18087 Aug 1865
EBBEN, Eleanor9 Jul 184731 Oct 1918
EBBEN, Elizabeth1845
EBBEN, Elizabeth H.1851
EBBEN, Emily1861
EBBEN, Ernest G1874
EBBEN, Frederick26 Sep 184922 Feb 1917
EBBEN, Frederick1867
EBBEN, Frederick John1907-1917
EBBEN, George184716 Sep 1903
EBBEN, George1855
EBBEN, George29 Mar 1829
EBBEN, Hannah Elizabeth1850
EBBEN, Harry7 Sep 1950
EBBEN, Helen31 Jul 1944
EBBEN, Henry18541888
EBBEN, Horace George
EBBEN, Howard Sanders
EBBEN, Jacob1860
EBBEN, James30 Apr 1780
EBBEN, Jane Hannah12 Nov 1826
EBBEN, John11 Jan 17711775 ?
EBBEN, JohnDec 1762
EBBEN, John2 May 1819
EBBEN, Joseph3 Aug 178317 Sep 1867
EBBEN, Joseph15 Oct 1766Bef 1783
EBBEN, Julia A22 Nov 18631942
EBBEN, Margaret13 Jul 1856
EBBEN, Maria31 Jul 1814
EBBEN, Mary11 Nov 1768
EBBEN, Mary9 Oct 1814
EBBEN, Sarah5 Mar 1773
EBBEN, Sarah
EBBEN, Selina1852
EBBEN, Simon11 Mar 1827
EBBEN, Simon1735 c
EBBEN, SimonApr 1789Jun 1852
EBBEN, Simon13 May 1821
EBBEN, Susanna23 May 1824
EBBEN, Susanna24 Apr 1831
EBBEN, Walter1865
EBBEN, William181723 Oct 1888
EBBEN, William9 Nov 17779 Jan 1866
EBBEN, William4 Jun 1817
EBBEN, William18431904

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