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507 Individuals with the DOZIER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DOZIER, Abner Chapman18091876
DOZIER, Adam1849
DOZIER, Albert1820
DOZIER, Albert1845
DOZIER, Albert Green8 JUN 181931 DEC 1862
DOZIER, Albert Sidney1862
DOZIER, Allen16 JUL 1813
DOZIER, AlonzoBET 1843 AND 6 JUL 114 JUN 1906
DOZIER, Alpheus1841
DOZIER, Amanda F.30 JAN 1804
DOZIER, Andrew E.18911919
DOZIER, Ann1829
DOZIER, Ann1859
DOZIER, Ann6 JUN 1755
DOZIER, Ann1788
DOZIER, Ann J.24 SEP 18324 JUN 1872
DOZIER, Anna E.1873
DOZIER, Anne23 JUL 1840
DOZIER, Anne1 SEP 1851
DOZIER, Anne14 NOV 1803
DOZIER, Annie L.JUL 1886
DOZIER, Annie Mae
DOZIER, Annis1846
DOZIER, Antoinette1840DEC 1910
DOZIER, Arabella17 Feb 18544 Mar 1941
DOZIER, Arpha24 Sep 18383 Jul 1915
DOZIER, Augustus31 JAN 18071902
DOZIER, Augustus H.1843
DOZIER, Baby1877
DOZIER, Bayard1879
DOZIER, Benjamin29 MAR 18251861
DOZIER, BenjaminABT 1774AFT 1830
DOZIER, Benjamin W.1833
DOZIER, Bessie
DOZIER, Bettie1894
DOZIER, Betty Jane
DOZIER, Billups G.1808
DOZIER, Birdye
DOZIER, Calvin D.18 NOV 1850
DOZIER, Caroline Elizabeth10 DEC 181211 NOV 1850
DOZIER, Catherine1835
DOZIER, Catherine1826
DOZIER, Catherine1873
DOZIER, Catherine Erwin181020 MAR 1833
DOZIER, Catherine Jeanetta1845
DOZIER, Charles1 SEP 1945
DOZIER, Charles1841
DOZIER, Charles M.1866
DOZIER, Charles M.1847
DOZIER, Christopher
DOZIER, Christopher1853
DOZIER, Cinthia1834
DOZIER, Clara M.
DOZIER, Cynthia A.1836
DOZIER, DanielPrivate
DOZIER, Daniel15 AUG 18054 NOV 1878
DOZIER, Daniel31 DEC 1832
DOZIER, Daniel C.Private
DOZIER, Daniel Preston26 APR 1848AFT 1880
DOZIER, Daniel Preston
DOZIER, Darvond
DOZIER, David1849
DOZIER, David F.06 JUN 189916 SEP 1986
DOZIER, Debra18 Jan 1962
DOZIER, Debra18 Jan 1962
DOZIER, Deeanne1 APR 1941
DOZIER, Diana Inez21 Mar 1952
DOZIER, Diana Inez21 Mar 1952
DOZIER, Diane Elizabeth
DOZIER, Don Bigler8 Dec 1953
DOZIER, Don Bigler8 Dec 1953
DOZIER, Donald S3 APR 1912FEB 1971
DOZIER, Dora Mae23 Nov 1900
DOZIER, Doris Arvilla
DOZIER, Doris Arvilla3 JUN 1946
DOZIER, Dorothy
DOZIER, Dorothy
DOZIER, Dunwoody17751836
DOZIER, EdmondABT 1817ABT 1877
DOZIER, Edward1822
DOZIER, Edward (Buck)
DOZIER, Edward F.1912
DOZIER, Edward Oliver
DOZIER, Edwina
DOZIER, Elias30 AUG 1829
DOZIER, EliasBEF 1780AFT 1830
DOZIER, Elias Beall1818
DOZIER, Elias Daniel25 JUL 1860
DOZIER, Elias Ebenezer1849
DOZIER, Eliza AnnABT 1836
DOZIER, Eliza D.ABT 1861
DOZIER, Elizabeth1919
DOZIER, ElizabethABT 1715
DOZIER, ElizabethABT 17141794
DOZIER, Elizabeth
DOZIER, Elizabeth1830
DOZIER, Elizabeth1843
DOZIER, Elizabeth1832
DOZIER, Elizabeth1838
DOZIER, Elizabeth1835
DOZIER, Elizabeth
DOZIER, Elizabeth17612 JAN 1812
DOZIER, ElizabethABT 1734
DOZIER, Elizabeth
DOZIER, ElizabethABT 1824
DOZIER, Elizabeth Betsey Thrower18052 JAN 1864
DOZIER, Elizabeth Eliza10 JUL 182110 SEP 1846
DOZIER, Elizabeth Williams18254 SEP 1907
DOZIER, Elkanah Taylor13 MAR 1852
DOZIER, Elwood Boyd (10)11 MAY 1903
DOZIER, Elwood Boyd (10)11 MAY 1903
DOZIER, Emiline Adeline Addie20 OCT 1849
DOZIER, Emily1857
DOZIER, Emily R.16 JUL 181411 AUG 1861
DOZIER, Emma C.17 JUN 18326 MAY 1887
DOZIER, Emma H.APR 1891
DOZIER, Emma Lou1879
DOZIER, Enoch F.18707 Feb 1939
DOZIER, Ernest Edmond16 Nov 18629 Jun 1935
DOZIER, Ethel Elizabeth4 Apr 1894
DOZIER, Ethel R.1910
DOZIER, Eugenia1837
DOZIER, Eugenia1870
DOZIER, Exa1870
DOZIER, Ezekiel Alexander7 OCT 181219 AUG 1896
DOZIER, Fidelia Jane1825
DOZIER, Frances1857
DOZIER, Frances1673
DOZIER, Frances1837
DOZIER, Frances1846
DOZIER, Frances1825
DOZIER, Frances21 SEP 181027 FEB 1837
DOZIER, Frances18081850
DOZIER, Frances A.1841
DOZIER, Frances D.1830
DOZIER, Frances Elafair16 DEC 185317 FEB 1929
DOZIER, Frances Fannie15 AUG 18271883
DOZIER, Frances L.1831
DOZIER, Fredonia Celestia Donie1839
DOZIER, Gene Royce
DOZIER, Geneva23 MAY 191011 SEP 2000
DOZIER, Geneva23 MAY 191011 SEP 2000
DOZIER, George1842
DOZIER, George1860
DOZIER, George A. B.20 NOV 182029 MAY 1889
DOZIER, George Allen2 MAR 1873
DOZIER, George Allen2 MAR 1873
DOZIER, George H.1846
DOZIER, George W.1838
DOZIER, George W.1875
DOZIER, George Washington1835
DOZIER, Grandy Flora15 Nov 184019 Dec 1913
DOZIER, Green Jones7 SEP 179328 JAN 1876
DOZIER, Greenberry13 AUG 1836
DOZIER, Hannah
DOZIER, Hannah Keziah26 MAY 1749
DOZIER, Harriett
DOZIER, Henry1844
DOZIER, Henry1803
DOZIER, Henry A.
DOZIER, Henry A.
DOZIER, Henry F.1831
DOZIER, Henry Flowers24 NOV 18111 MAY 1894
DOZIER, Henry J.1849
DOZIER, Henry K.ABT 1853
DOZIER, Hillard M. , Jr1898
DOZIER, Hilliard M. , Sr1872
DOZIER, Homer W.1846
DOZIER, Irine1905
DOZIER, Isaac R.22 Sep 1867
DOZIER, J. J.1857
DOZIER, James25 FEB 176410 JUL 1765
DOZIER, James1840
DOZIER, James30 MAR 1806
DOZIER, James1875
DOZIER, James1837
DOZIER, James17 FEB 1725/26
DOZIER, James Absalom Wright15 FEB 1845
DOZIER, James C.1840
DOZIER, James E.1944
DOZIER, James EdwardPrivate
DOZIER, James F.1871
DOZIER, James Francis12 OCT 18061874
DOZIER, James Henry1 AUG 1821BEF 13 JAN 1849
DOZIER, James IngoABT 17031791
DOZIER, James Ingo2 SEP 1737ABT 1790
DOZIER, James L.1837
DOZIER, James Lawrence1843
DOZIER, James Leonard18201888
DOZIER, James M.1855
DOZIER, James Seaborn2 SEP 17392 JAN 1808
DOZIER, James Seaborn8 MAR 177024 FEB 1839
DOZIER, James T.DEC 1835
DOZIER, James Talley14 JUL 1799ABT 1860
DOZIER, James Templeton6 MAR 1774
DOZIER, James Thomas Harnel Fletcher23 JAN 185111 SEP 1916
DOZIER, James Tully IABT 1755BEF 27 JAN 1807
DOZIER, James Tully II24 APR 17861860
DOZIER, James Tully III19 MAY 18291 AUG 1895
DOZIER, James Wesley , Sr1839
DOZIER, Jamie Robert11 APR 1970
DOZIER, Jane7 OCT 1798
DOZIER, Jane1845
DOZIER, Jane Jincy30 MAY 17971860
DOZIER, Janie Elizabeth20 Feb 189816 Oct 1927
DOZIER, Janie Rebecca11 Dec 1889
DOZIER, JeffersonABT 1837
DOZIER, Jemimah22 MAY 1746
DOZIER, Jennings ScottABT 1727
DOZIER, Jim21 MAY 1948
DOZIER, John3 JAN 177615 AUG 1830
DOZIER, John8 APR 1732
DOZIER, John2 DEC 174122 DEC 1807
DOZIER, John1834
DOZIER, JohnABT 17686 MAY 1835
DOZIER, John1850
DOZIER, John1836
DOZIER, JohnABT 1708AFT 1767
DOZIER, John16751748
DOZIER, John10 SEP 1754
DOZIER, JohnABT 1775
DOZIER, John Appling1827
DOZIER, John Beall13 MAR 180724 OCT 1873
DOZIER, John D.1853
DOZIER, John Edgar1852JAN 1882
DOZIER, John Franklin23 OCT 18318 APR 1908
DOZIER, John Jackson13 OCT 1810
DOZIER, John MarkABT 17905 SEP 1877
DOZIER, John Marks1809
DOZIER, John Nelson (Net)4 Jan 18929 Feb 1942
DOZIER, John Pryor23 JAN 182823 JAN 1908
DOZIER, John W.1852

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