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839 Individuals with the DECOSTE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DECOSTE, Adam Ian Cecil26 AUG 1995
DECOSTE, Adelaide
DECOSTE, Agnes18941980
DECOSTE, Agnes Amelia1912
DECOSTE, Agnes Elaine1920
DECOSTE, Albert1916
DECOSTE, Albert1892
DECOSTE, Albert Jeremiah
DECOSTE, Albert Jeremiah Jr.16 JUL 1956
DECOSTE, Albert L.1916
DECOSTE, Albert W. Jr.1 NOV 1942
DECOSTE, Albert William25 OCT 1916NOV 1978
DECOSTE, Albert William Jeremiah11 OCT 188112 AUG 1945
DECOSTE, Albert William Pierre2 JUN 18802 JUN 1880
DECOSTE, Alexander1880
DECOSTE, Alexander18331919
DECOSTE, Alexander
DECOSTE, Alexander
DECOSTE, Alexander
DECOSTE, Alexander Daniel1882
DECOSTE, Alfred1904
DECOSTE, Alfred1886
DECOSTE, Alice J.MAR 1910
DECOSTE, Alison R.12 JAN 1977
DECOSTE, Alphonse18871895
DECOSTE, Alphonsus18961927
DECOSTE, Ambrose
DECOSTE, Ambrose Anthony
DECOSTE, Anastasia Marie1898
DECOSTE, Anastasie Sophia1873
DECOSTE, Andrew18991969
DECOSTE, Andrew VincentMAR 1979
DECOSTE, Angelique
DECOSTE, Angelique1892
DECOSTE, Angelique1854
DECOSTE, Angelique
DECOSTE, Angus William1916
DECOSTE, Ann Marie
DECOSTE, Anna Agnes1912
DECOSTE, Anna Ethelbert19141942
DECOSTE, Anna Margaret1936
DECOSTE, Anna Rita
DECOSTE, Anna Ruth18 NOV 190215 APR 1986
DECOSTE, Anna Winifred15 JUN 1934
DECOSTE, Anne20 MAR 18501919
DECOSTE, AnneAUG 18781973
DECOSTE, Anne1889
DECOSTE, Anne Brigitte1874
DECOSTE, Anne Josephine
DECOSTE, Anne Virginie1906
DECOSTE, AnnieSEP 1880
DECOSTE, Annie1903
DECOSTE, Annie J.1906
DECOSTE, Annie Josephine1874
DECOSTE, Anthony1907
DECOSTE, Anthony
DECOSTE, Anthony Francis Xavier19171991
DECOSTE, Arnold Aloysius1940
DECOSTE, Arthur18931898
DECOSTE, Arthur18941894
DECOSTE, Arthur18971899
DECOSTE, Arthur Henry21 JUL 1925
DECOSTE, Arthur J.1930
DECOSTE, Arthur T.JAN 1881
DECOSTE, Arthur Timothee1881
DECOSTE, Augustin18901892
DECOSTE, Augustin1895
DECOSTE, Barbara Elizabeth1945
DECOSTE, Beatrice Clare1904
DECOSTE, Beatrice Leona
DECOSTE, Benjamin18471904
DECOSTE, BenjaminAUG 1876
DECOSTE, Benjamin6 JUL 1853
DECOSTE, Benjamin1 JUN 18149 MAR 1904
DECOSTE, Benjamin1855
DECOSTE, Benjamin1882
DECOSTE, Benjamin
DECOSTE, Benjamin
DECOSTE, Benjamin Ambrose1920
DECOSTE, Benjamin Augustin18881918
DECOSTE, Benjamin Hubert19081927
DECOSTE, Benjamin Pascal19011993
DECOSTE, Berchmans1944
DECOSTE, Bernadette1921
DECOSTE, Bernadette1914
DECOSTE, Bernadette1891
DECOSTE, Bernadette Paul
DECOSTE, Bernard
DECOSTE, Bernard Alphonsus19091933
DECOSTE, Bernard Benedict1915
DECOSTE, Bernard Charles
DECOSTE, Bernard Gary
DECOSTE, Bernard Keith
DECOSTE, Bertha17 DEC 1925
DECOSTE, Bertha Elizabeth1908
DECOSTE, Bertha Mary19171983
DECOSTE, Bertram Aloysius19211922
DECOSTE, Berverly Joan1954
DECOSTE, Beth Anne
DECOSTE, Beth Jane13 FEB 1995
DECOSTE, Betty12 NOV 1958
DECOSTE, Beverly Ann
DECOSTE, Brian VincentABT 1963
DECOSTE, Brigitte3 AUG 1865
DECOSTE, Cameron17 OCT 1995
DECOSTE, Carl Allister1946
DECOSTE, Carl Ross
DECOSTE, Carol1 OCT 1948
DECOSTE, Caroline1864
DECOSTE, Caroline Marie1948
DECOSTE, Catherine187425 FEB 1874
DECOSTE, Catherine18541938
DECOSTE, Catherine1850
DECOSTE, Catherine Elizabeth1945
DECOSTE, Catherine Jane
DECOSTE, Catherine L.1958
DECOSTE, Catherine Philomene1903
DECOSTE, Catherine Sophie1889
DECOSTE, Cecelia
DECOSTE, Cecilia Emmanuella1917
DECOSTE, Cecilia Gertrude1906
DECOSTE, Celeste20 MAR 1850
DECOSTE, Charity19 JUL 1976
DECOSTE, Charles1 JUL 193610 MAR 1993
DECOSTE, Charles
DECOSTE, Charles18801967
DECOSTE, Charles1906
DECOSTE, Charles1865
DECOSTE, Charles
DECOSTE, Charles Alphonsus1924
DECOSTE, Charles Augustus25 MAY 19091989
DECOSTE, Charles Edward12 MAY 1879
DECOSTE, Charles Edward30 SEP 1884
DECOSTE, Charles Edward7 MAR 1888
DECOSTE, Charles F.11 APR 1904
DECOSTE, Charles Frederick18791944
DECOSTE, Charles Henry1952
DECOSTE, Charles Victor1919
DECOSTE, Charlotte1855
DECOSTE, Charlotte1884
DECOSTE, Charlotte3 JAN 1882
DECOSTE, Charlotte Mabel1904
DECOSTE, Cheryl Ann26 OCT 1958
DECOSTE, Christina1910
DECOSTE, Christina Pamela
DECOSTE, Clara Isabella1902
DECOSTE, Clarence
DECOSTE, Clarence Alex19151930
DECOSTE, Clarence Gerard1928
DECOSTE, Clifford Jr.
DECOSTE, Cloe23 FEB 1992
DECOSTE, Colin Ignatius1950
DECOSTE, Curtis Anthony1941
DECOSTE, Cyril Urbin19171986
DECOSTE, Dale Philip1960
DECOSTE, Damian Paul1921
DECOSTE, Daniel18531905
DECOSTE, Daniel Joseph1896
DECOSTE, David21 AUG 1965
DECOSTE, David5 MAR 1990
DECOSTE, David20 JAN 18411884
DECOSTE, DavidMAY 1880
DECOSTE, David19121985
DECOSTE, David18421912
DECOSTE, David Anthony1917
DECOSTE, David Christopher1920
DECOSTE, David Donald
DECOSTE, David Francis19121989
DECOSTE, David M.17 OCT 1968
DECOSTE, David Mark4 JUN 1872
DECOSTE, David Michael1899
DECOSTE, David RaphaelAPR 1866
DECOSTE, Dawn Marie19 FEB 1984
DECOSTE, Deborah21 JUL 1957
DECOSTE, Deborah A.14 OCT 1965
DECOSTE, Della Marie19321992
DECOSTE, Denise3 SEP 1954
DECOSTE, Dennis25 MAY 1953
DECOSTE, Dennis Michael1994
DECOSTE, Desire Charles1906
DECOSTE, Devon23 JUN 1984
DECOSTE, Diane Marie13 JUN 1949
DECOSTE, Dianne Marie
DECOSTE, Divine28 FEB 1851
DECOSTE, Donald Henry1943
DECOSTE, Donald Louis11 JAN 1927
DECOSTE, Donald Louis III30 JAN 1970
DECOSTE, Donald Louis Jr.11 JAN 1947
DECOSTE, Donalda
DECOSTE, Donna Darlene
DECOSTE, Donna Darlene
DECOSTE, Dorothy M.1920
DECOSTE, Edmund18681959
DECOSTE, Edmund Wilfred
DECOSTE, Edouard18421876
DECOSTE, Edourad Peter1871
DECOSTE, Edward1897
DECOSTE, Edward8 MAY 1862
DECOSTE, Edward18514 APR 1876
DECOSTE, Edward Bonaventure14 JUL 1901AFT 1943
DECOSTE, Edward H.
DECOSTE, Edwin18761956
DECOSTE, Edwin1924
DECOSTE, EdwinAPR 1929
DECOSTE, Eileen Agatha1930
DECOSTE, Eldora Angelique1906
DECOSTE, Eleanor Kane5 MAY 1927
DECOSTE, Elias Preston19171976
DECOSTE, Elie Henry1869
DECOSTE, Elieas1838
DECOSTE, Elise1866
DECOSTE, Elizabeth12 SEP 1857
DECOSTE, Elizabeth1873
DECOSTE, Elizabeth1878
DECOSTE, Elizabeth3 JAN 1882
DECOSTE, ElizabethABT 1887
DECOSTE, Elizabeth1858
DECOSTE, Elizabeth
DECOSTE, Elizabeth1858
DECOSTE, Elizabeth1861
DECOSTE, Elizabeth
DECOSTE, Elizabeth Ann I17 JUN 18691875
DECOSTE, Elizabeth Ann II25 JUN 18751950
DECOSTE, Elizabeth Clara1905
DECOSTE, Elizabeth Emma1882
DECOSTE, Elizabeth Margaret1886AFT 1970
DECOSTE, Elizabeth Marie
DECOSTE, Elizabeth Rose19051970
DECOSTE, Ellen1852
DECOSTE, Elmer Andrew192411 DEC 1995

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