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19 Individuals with the DAAE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DAAE, Anders4 JAN 17588 MAY 1816
DAAE, Anders20 DEC 168018 MAY 1763
DAAE, Anna Christine17141714
DAAE, Anna Christine [II]17161717
DAAE, Anne Harboe Frimann
DAAE, Catharine Elisabeth L. Knagenhjelm30 OCT 17967 AUG 1874
DAAE, Christine2 AUG 17195 SEP 1782
DAAE, Gerard
DAAE, Jesper Heiberg8 OCT 17956 OCT 1834
DAAE, Joachim9 NOV 18291831
DAAE, Joachim KnagenhjelmMajor1 JAN 176713 MAR 1829
DAAE, Johan Christopher17561759
DAAE, Johan Christopher Haar2 AUG 175910 OCT 1827
DAAE, Jonas10 MAY 171730 JAN 1777
DAAE, Karen Catharine18 APR 17181796
DAAE, Ludvig17111711
DAAE, Ludvig17221722
DAAE, Ludvig9 MAY 172318 FEB 1786
DAAE, Marie20 OCT 172015 NOV 1799

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