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14 Individuals with the D'HOIR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
D'HOIR, Antonia Adela26 JAN 18945 JUL 1895
D'HOIR, Catharina26 SEP 1890AFT 1900
D'HOIR, FranciscusBEF 1888
D'HOIR, Franciscus Maria19 FEB 1886AFT 1900
D'HOIR, Henricus2 JUN 184114 MAR 1882
D'HOIR, HenricusABT 1787
D'HOIR, Joannes Franciscus31 JUL 17985 JAN 1888
D'HOIR, Joannes Thomas20 OCT 1891AFT 1900
D'HOIR, Josephina Clementina15 NOV 1892AFT 1900
D'HOIR, Ludovicus FranciscusABT 1835AFT 1896
D'HOIR, Ludovicus Franciscus30 DEC 1781
D'HOIR, Maria18 JUN 182227 MAR 1901
D'HOIR, Maria Alena26 JUN 1888AFT 1900
D'HOIR, Paulus Cornelius29 DEC 1845AFT 1900

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