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1176 Individuals with the CROW Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CROW, Aaron22 APR 177525 MAY 1846
CROW, Aaron1828
CROW, Abbarilla1762
CROW, Abel1756
CROW, Abner22 APR 17753 SEP 1853
CROW, Abraham
CROW, Abraham
CROW, AdamABT 1561
CROW, Adna
CROW, Agatha
CROW, Agnes Caroline17 Oct 192518 Jul 2004
CROW, Agnes J.
CROW, Agnes Louise30 MAY 1920
CROW, Agnes Nancy15 Jun 1812
CROW, Albert
CROW, Albert
CROW, Albert Winard
CROW, Alexander19 Jul 183227 Aug 1892
CROW, Alexander4 Jan 184022 Nov 1870
CROW, Alfred Braly25 Aug 19221928
CROW, Alice
CROW, Alice Lurena
CROW, Alicia Camile
CROW, Allen Green18161883
CROW, ALLIE2-26-1877
CROW, Allie Minde (Minnie)23 Jun 1901
CROW, Allisha Megan7 FEB 1995
CROW, Almira Darby19 JUN 184511 JUN 1918
CROW, Almira Darby19 JUN 184511 JUN 1918
CROW, Amanda Catherine30 Sep 191311 Sep 1986
CROW, Amanda Elizabeth18 SEP 1855? ___ 1934
CROW, Amanda Jean
CROW, Amber Marie23 DEC 1992
CROW, Amelia
CROW, Amelia A.Abt 1849
CROW, Amos
CROW, ANICE (ANNIS?)3 Sep 177611 Feb 1861
CROW, AnnABT 1827
CROW, Ann BeallWFT Est. 1777-1800WFT Est. 1793-1884
CROW, Anna
CROW, Anna Belle
CROW, Anna Mae
CROW, Anna Mary10 May 18968 May 1897
CROW, Annabell
CROW, Annabell
CROW, ANNE CORNELIUS29 Nov 18844 Sep 1961
CROW, Anne Maude30 Nov 1885Jan 1963
CROW, Annis F.11 NOV 1845
CROW, Argel Otto30 Mar 1917
CROW, Arlie19051959
CROW, Arthur
CROW, Arthur Hiram18835 Dec 1976
CROW, Artie
CROW, Audrey Eleanor4 Aug 190414 Nov 1989
CROW, Barbara Lea
CROW, Ben Hulsey14 Apr 19048 Aug 1966
CROW, Benjamin
CROW, BenjaminABT 1868
CROW, Benjamin17 AUG 1854BEF 1860
CROW, Benjamin Edwinduring 191618 Oct 1999
CROW, Benjamin F.21 JAN 186315 MAR 1925
CROW, Benjamin Franklin13 Nov 1860
CROW, Benjamin Stanton
CROW, Bennie14 APR 190414 APR 1904
CROW, Bernard7 Mar 1880
CROW, Berridge Lucas7 Nov 184326 Jun 1914
CROW, Berry1832
CROW, Bertha Jane5 Dec 1885
CROW, Betth LouPrivate
CROW, Bettie L.
CROW, Bill Dee30 DEC2 DEC 1968
CROW, Billy Bob1924
CROW, Billy Gordon
CROW, Bradley Joseph
CROW, Brandon James
CROW, Brandon Randy Robert
CROW, Brent Kenneth Willard
CROW, Brodie Winard
CROW, Bruce22 Sep 186726 Nov 1923
CROW, Buddy
CROW, Calvin18481895
CROW, Campbell LesterMar 1896
CROW, Campbell Lester25 Feb 18946 Oct 1957
CROW, Carl
CROW, Carl Timothy29 Nov 1969
CROW, Caroline
CROW, Caroline18521903
CROW, Caroline1859
CROW, Caroline6 SEP 1829/3031 MAR 1891
CROW, Carrie Lucille
CROW, Carrie Lucille
CROW, Carry Carlton18731944
CROW, Carson
CROW, Cary W.
CROW, Catherine Constance11 Jan 1925Nov 1970
CROW, Charity1833
CROW, Charles
CROW, Charles
CROW, Charles
CROW, Charles A.22 May 187518 Aug 1965
CROW, Charles AaronABT 7 JUN 18461870
CROW, Charles Bertram18761954
CROW, Charles David5 MAR 1954
CROW, Charles David5 MAR 1954
CROW, Charles E.
CROW, Charles Franklin18621932
CROW, Charles Gaylon
CROW, Charles Horton6 Mar 18511931
CROW, Charles Linsley27 Aug 1894
CROW, Charles Louis185905 OCT 1921
CROW, Charles R.
CROW, Charles Richard
CROW, Charles Stanley17 May 18927 Dec 1950
CROW, CharlieABT 1911
CROW, Charlie W.Mar 1896
CROW, Charlie W.15 Apr 1895
CROW, Charlotta
CROW, Charlotte
CROW, Charlotte Ann20 Apr 1821AFT 1850
CROW, Christena
CROW, Christiana
CROW, Christina17 Nov 178327 Aug 1853
CROW, Christina Annette
CROW, Christina May
CROW, Christopher16311680
CROW, ChristopherABT 1636ABT 1736
CROW, Christopher16311680
CROW, Christopher16 OCT 1636
CROW, Christopher Lee
CROW, Christopher Michael
CROW, Clara E.1877
CROW, Clarence Basil4 Dec 189019 Jul 1942
CROW, Clarence BertrumABT 1880
CROW, Clarice Hildred28 OCT 1915
CROW, Clarice Hildred28 OCT 1915
CROW, Clemma1905
CROW, Clifford
CROW, CloisABT 1908
CROW, Clyde
CROW, Clyde Emerson19071956
CROW, Clydena June
CROW, Connie
CROW, Connie
CROW, Cora Ellen16 APR 188816 APR 1945
CROW, Cory Finley22 SEP 1963
CROW, Cristy Lynn16 Jul 1981
CROW, Cynthia1842
CROW, Cynthia Kay14 MAR 1961
CROW, Cynthia Lyn29 Nov 1951
CROW, Cynthia Therese16 SEP 1960
CROW, Cynthia Therese16 SEP 1960
CROW, Daniel
CROW, Daniel178111 OCT 1851
CROW, Daniel7 FEB 1900
CROW, DanielABT 165612 AUG 1693
CROW, Daniel Boone
CROW, Daniel David20 MAR 1803APR 1880
CROW, Daniel Polsey
CROW, Daniel Ray
CROW, Dannie Leland
CROW, Danny Lynn
CROW, David1812
CROW, DavidAbt 1813
CROW, David8 NOV 1965
CROW, David
CROW, David
CROW, David E.
CROW, David Eugene24 SEP 1954
CROW, David Jonathon2 JAN 1984
CROW, David Lee
CROW, David Robert
CROW, David WhiteAbt 1836
CROW, David William27 FEB 1803
CROW, David William27 FEB 1803
CROW, David Zumwalt16 Apr 18616 Mar 1929
CROW, Dawn5 NOV 1966
CROW, Dawn
CROW, Dean
CROW, Debbie Jo
CROW, Deborah
CROW, Deborah
CROW, Deborah
CROW, Deborah (Leffingwell)ABT 1672
CROW, Deborah Jane
CROW, Deborah Jane
CROW, Debrah Lynn22 NOV 1958
CROW, Dee Ann5 FEB 1960
CROW, DelbertABT 1861
CROW, Denson14 MAY 180612 MAY 1872
CROW, Desirae Ann12 Sep 19983 Feb 1999
CROW, Dexter20 Dec 188813 Mar 1940
CROW, Diantha1840
CROW, Dicy Ann13 NOV 1848
CROW, Dillard Marshall24 DEC 185631 OCT 1923
CROW, Doliver27 Apr 1887
CROW, Don Ray
CROW, Donald Boyd21 APR 1934
CROW, Donald Boyd
CROW, Donald Joseph
CROW, Dorinda1831
CROW, Doris
CROW, Doris
CROW, Dorothy
CROW, Dorothy Ann
CROW, Dorothy Jean15 Dec 1927
CROW, Dovie Lanada18 Jun 1904
CROW, Dovie Lorene26 Apr 1924
CROW, Earl
CROW, Easter
CROW, Easter
CROW, Eddie Faye1914
CROW, Eddie Lee31 Mar 189027 May 1943
CROW, Eddie Lee31 Mar 189027 May 1943
CROW, Eddy Lee
CROW, Edith18511934
CROW, Edith10 Jan 189326 Apr 1950
CROW, Edith Louisa
CROW, Edith Lucile
CROW, Edward
CROW, Edward Harry28 Apr 19141914
CROW, Edward Lawrence
CROW, Effie18901967
CROW, EgeniaAbt 1837
CROW, Eglintine13 MAR 1821
CROW, Eldred R.
CROW, Eleanor Dorathea
CROW, EliJUN 1811ABT 5 SEP 1835
CROW, EliABT 1835
CROW, Elijah J.
CROW, Elijah J.
CROW, Elijah N.28 APR 1846AFT 1880
CROW, Elishua (Elesabeth)9 May 164918 Jul 1568
CROW, Eliza
CROW, ElizaAbt 1845
CROW, Eliza1847
CROW, Eliza Pearl Effie
CROW, Eliza Vilette
CROW, Elizabeth161522 Feb 1697
CROW, Elizabeth
CROW, ElizabethABT 1647
CROW, Elizabeth
CROW, ElizabethABT 165010 MAY 1727
CROW, Elizabeth16441727
CROW, Elizabeth
CROW, Elizabeth
CROW, Elizabeth10 AUG 182521 JAN 1901

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