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32 Individuals with the CLIVE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CLIVE, Aliceabt 1475bef 1520
CLIVE, Ambrose
CLIVE, Benjamin27 DEC 1695
CLIVE, Charlotte-Florentia27 JUL 1866
CLIVE, David Bowen8 AUG 1982
CLIVE, Edward7 MAR 175416 MAY 1839
CLIVE, Frances1798
CLIVE, Geoffrey Richard14 JUL 1988
CLIVE, George
CLIVE, George
CLIVE, George
CLIVE, George
CLIVE, Joshua
CLIVE, Kathleen
CLIVE, Kevin Stephen14 OCT 1994
CLIVE, Laura Bowen27 DEC 1991
CLIVE, Louisa16 MAR 1832
CLIVE, Lydia21 DEC 19081966
CLIVE, Marjory Catherine
CLIVE, Matthew Bowen23 MAR 1999
CLIVE, Rachael
CLIVE, Richard1573
CLIVE, Richard
CLIVE, Robert
CLIVE, Robert
CLIVE, Robert29 SEP 172522 NOV 1774
CLIVE, Stephen Edwards30 JAN 1957
CLIVE, Sterling Clifford14 JUL 1988
CLIVE, Susan Bowen23 DEC 198523 DEC 1985
CLIVE, Sybella Harriet9 DEC 1900
CLIVE, Thomasabt 1445

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