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55 Individuals with the CALKIN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CALKIN, Aimee Maree12 JUL 1999
CALKIN, Ainsley Emma6 AUG 1991
CALKIN, Angela Mary30 DEC 1965
CALKIN, Anthony Peter (Bud)23 OCT 1943
CALKIN, Aquilla4 Jun 1711
CALKIN, Brian Leo1938
CALKIN, Bruce Robert22 APR 1966
CALKIN, Cailen James28 OCT 2001
CALKIN, Catherine Ann8 APR 1959
CALKIN, Clarissa29 Jun 179215 Apr 1879
CALKIN, Cyril2 JUN 191422 DEC 2000
CALKIN, Dan Ellerrd19 Apr 1847
CALKIN, DavidMar 16683 Nov 1988
CALKIN, Dean Matthew6 JUL 1972
CALKIN, Elijah
CALKIN, Elizabeth5 Oct 1784
CALKIN, Elizabeth Mary16 FEB 1957
CALKIN, Gary Peter13 AUG 1971
CALKIN, Gregory Martin23 DEC 1967
CALKIN, Hayley Ellen1983
CALKIN, Herbert Jacques18866 OCT 1954
CALKIN, Ian Michael25 OCT 1936
CALKIN, Israel21 SEP 19803 JUN 2003
CALKIN, JemimaAbt 1736
CALKIN, Jeremy6 MAR 1975
CALKIN, Joel Anthony16 OCT 1997
CALKIN, Joseph Leo9 JAN 1971
CALKIN, Joshua DavidAPR 2001
CALKIN, Judith Mary1944
CALKIN, Lee Anne29 JAN 1963
CALKIN, Leslie Leona
CALKIN, Linda Margaret31 MAR 1961
CALKIN, Living
CALKIN, Lori Jane6 JAN 1995
CALKIN, Louise Anne26 JUL 1972
CALKIN, Margaret Mary26 SEP 1947
CALKIN, Michael John5 MAY 1963
CALKIN, Nicholas John28 SEP 1967
CALKIN, Nickolas
CALKIN, Paul2 MAR 1964
CALKIN, Peter19401940
CALKIN, Peter Chanel13 JUL 1950
CALKIN, Rachel10 Apr 183911 Jul 1866
CALKIN, Ryan1 JUN 1998
CALKIN, Samuel
CALKIN, Simon Peter14 MAR 1962
CALKIN, Skye24 NOV 1976
CALKIN, Temperence
CALKIN, Theo Joshua19 JUL 1997
CALKIN, Wiliam A.18981946
CALKIN, 8 SEP 2004

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