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16 Individuals with the CALEWAERT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CALEWAERT, Anna Maria3 MAR 17301 AUG 1793
CALEWAERT, CesiliaABT 1 MAR 1719
CALEWAERT, Helena VictoriaABT 11 DEC 173214 JAN 1775
CALEWAERT, Jacobus168030 DEC 1740
CALEWAERT, JacobusABT 21 AUG 171214 JAN 1781
CALEWAERT, Jan BaptistABT 12 MAR 1717
CALEWAERT, Jan BaptisteABT 8 FEB 1725
CALEWAERT, Jan BaptisteABT 28 OCT 1735
CALEWAERT, Josephus JacobusABT 13 SEP 1726
CALEWAERT, Maria AnnaABT 19 MAR 1721
CALEWAERT, Maria CatharinaABT 17 OCT 1715
CALEWAERT, Maria JacobaABT 13 FEB 1714
CALEWAERT, Paulina22 JAN 184313 NOV 1909
CALEWAERT, Petronella Anna Maria24 JUN 1788
CALEWAERT, Petrus JacobusABT 10 DEC 173917 JAN 1741
CALEWAERT, Petrus JacobusABT 14 JUL 1711

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