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20 Individuals with the CALER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CALER, Caroline Jennie Stubb
CALER, Correa Henderson
CALER, Eve<1800>
CALER, George F.21 Oct 179610 Jun 1881
CALER, George Newton15 Nov 183711 Jun 1931
CALER, Jacob Laban22 Apr 18358 Jul 1922
CALER, Jepthal C.2 Sep 182717 Nov 1852
CALER, Martha E.7 Sep 1833
CALER, Peter&#00063;ABT 1766
CALER, Polly L.30 Mar 182231 Jan 1847
CALER, Rachael<1768>
CALER, Rebecca<1798>
CALER, Rebecca Jennie4 Dec 184116 Jul 1884
CALER, Reuben B.27 May 182322 Apr 1846
CALER, Robert Adniram12 Sep 184520 Jul 1920
CALER, Ruth<1802>
CALER, Salley<1794>
CALER, William Francis Marion10 Jul 183011 Mar 1915
CALER, <1740>

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