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37 Individuals with the CAINE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CAINE, Agnes15 APR 1897
CAINE, Agnes Ellen1 OCT 185129 MAY 1926
CAINE, Albert12 Apr 186617 Sep 1868
CAINE, Albion
CAINE, Catherine1794WFT Est 1832-1889
CAINE, Charles
CAINE, Deborah
CAINE, Dorothy Mary Frances ("Dolly")C18863 NOV 1939
CAINE, Edith Holton20 Apr 1868
CAINE, Idelle Meriweather3 Aug 1884
CAINE, JamesABT 1700
CAINE, Jane6 Oct 1798ABT 1873
CAINE, Jeanne Helen3 May 1980
CAINE, John Strange11 Sep 1827
CAINE, Julia Montague6 Apr 1864
CAINE, Lorraine W.
CAINE, Lucy Belle
CAINE, Lucy Belle
CAINE, madeline25 Mar 1862
CAINE, Martin23 Mar 1948
CAINE, Mary8 May 180119 Apr 1877
CAINE, Mary A.ABT 1844bet 1870 1874
CAINE, NancyPrivate
CAINE, Nellie12 Mar 1858
CAINE, Neville4 Oct 1855
CAINE, Patrick Oliver12 MAY 1972
CAINE, Patrick Oliver12 MAY 1972
CAINE, Paul12 Jul 1859
CAINE, PearlBET 1880 AND 19001955
CAINE, Robert
CAINE, Robert
CAINE, Stephen M11 Mar 19214 Aug 1997
CAINE, Stephen M
CAINE, Sydney Atmore26 Jun 1883

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